Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NZ's Darkest Day

On the day of a decades overdue earthquake, with tragic results, Smile and Wave was given the tool to hobble the bludgers sucking the life out of the New Zealand economy via the Welfare State, but remains reticent implement any real part of it.
I feel a bit queasy about that

Another decades overdue report about to be binned. Like the anti-smacking referendum and all the other ignored reports on savings, tax, welfare reform, the future NZ in 2025, this one is doomed to be ignored by our do-nothing merchant banker Prime Minister.
Mr Key would not rule out some changes before the election, he said most initiatives would be implemented "in further years"

Pollie speak for 'not now, not ever, it might cost us votes'.

Yesterday was indeed, New Zealand's darkest day.

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