Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A sigh of relief over two faced MP's resignation

No doubt a sigh of relief will be felt in many camps that John Hatfield is now an ex Maori MP and now will be sitting with the other loser in Parliament's dunce's corner.

Two faced? Yes still pushing the racist separatist lines of '... our people...' and has the galling effrontery to utter the following;
we focus on the issues rather than the personalities, and that we not speak disparagingly of one another

Hone would do well to take onboard what he has said in that sentence. Seeing that he still stands by his earlier comment about most New Zealanders being "white mother****ers".


pdm said...

It is hard to understand why the Maori Party say they will not stand anyone against him. What is actually happening behind closed doors?

Anonymous said...

He guarenteed his vote for the racist F&S giveaway?