Friday, February 11, 2011

One and the same?

Monkey Boy and Whowuddathort have disappeared from the blogosphere late yesterday.

Yesterday I read some comments on the last post Whowuddathort threatening to out him nearer to the election. Went back later in evening for a recheck - both blogs MIA. Never got to read MB's last post.

Is MB and WWT one and the same? Certainly will miss both.


Keeping Stock said...

I don't think so PM; I've had e-mail contact with both, and the writing styles are completely different. WWT was targetted right from the start. It's a shame, as he had some excellent posts.

And MWT will be sadly missed as well; Lee's unique take on the world was always good reading.

pdm said...

As you probably know I have been posting over at wwt as his guest. I tried to email him this morning and again this evening (UK time) and both emails bounced so it looks like his google is down as well. He is also off blogger dashboard,

I have also asked on Kiwiblog general discussion if anyone knows what is happening.

I had email contact twice on Wednesday (UK time) and read his posts yesterday - the last one went up at 10am NZ time.

Keeping Stock said...

I didn't see any of the comments at his site yesterday, but they must have been pretty pointed if he's pulled his blog lock, stock and barrel. The lefties who threatened to out him will be pleased; bullying rules.

pdm said...

I didn't see the comments referred to either. There were none on my contributions although there was a response from a media outlet on my Scott Guy post which he (I assume who was a he) was quite excited about.

If it is because of some arsehole lefty then more is the pity - we have to wear these people down.

PM of NZ said...

IV2, was only tongue in cheek re mb=wwt. Although it is possible some blogger may in future be a right Jekyll and Hide writing blogs from both extremes of the political field. You'd have to be seriously warped to keep both separate for any length of time.

Mind you, MB could fit that category, he was excellent lefty reading but swung with the wind very adroitly when he wanted to. Though, always was threatening to throw his toys and depart. Timing probably unfortunate.

PDM, In that last comment I saw, if I remember rightly, WWT was being threatened with being outed nearer to the election after having been found out at Parachute.

Interesting I thought, we'll lurk watching this develop. 30 mins or so later, he was off air. And MB gone in the same time frame during a quick look round the traps.

Keeping Stock said...

MWT had a "goodbye" post, but even that's gone now. I've since heard about WWT being outed at the Parachute Festival; he did rather focus on the questions he'd asked Phil Goff at an open session, and I'm sure that Goff wouldn't have been there alone. It would seem that the left still wants to shut down dissent.

pdm said...

I went and had a look at the standard, they like RG had the comments showing before whowuddathort shut down. One cannot help but wonder if they wrote the comments.

I didn't stay long because I didn't want to catch anything nasty.

pdm said...

Guys MWT still has his final post up, with moderation in place.