Sunday, February 27, 2011

Awaiting the cavalry - is it just me?

I watched some bits of Te News, only to see the people in some suburbs still awaiting the cavalry.

I'm sure the neighbours and family checked each other immediately on Tuesday and have been in touch over the past days. And welcomed the out of town good SAR guys doing their door knocking exercise today, 6 days in, to make official contact.

The very obvious bit was that the cavalry was still expected soon. And was well overdue. What part of "the cavalry is busy elsewhere and won't be coming any time soon" pursuing more immediate outcomes don't these residents understand? The power and water may be off for some, but their phones obviously work, because all the rellies now live in the garage.

But what really struck me was the lack of co-ordination in each street. The SAR guys were going door-to-door asking the same questions, doing the same checks. Surely one local nominated resident could have co-ordinated that six days ago, with regular daily updates and presented the outcome to the officials making their job easy. The SAR guys could either move on quickly to the next block/street or look closely at identified issues.

As well as pulling the street/block community together with co-ordination, the cavalry doesn't need to be wasting their time checking up on issues that may loom large locally, but are minor in the scale of things.

Is it just me? Why can't some sort of telephone calling network be implemented?

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pdm said...

When I was a very small part of the Central Hawkes Bay Civil Defence set up that is what the Wardens did. Has Civil Defence fallen apart?