Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The door is ajar. And you will pay. [update II]

The Maori Statutory Board is going to the High Court today to challenge a decision by the Auckland Council last night to slash its budget

NACTional has really screwed ratepayers on this. Thanks. The door has been prised open, the racist separatist hordes are in the doorway. And you will pay.

Even more scary is this piece of non-speak from one of Len's socialist mates.

Mike Lee, who tried to throw the matter back to the Government for clarification of the law before the budget was finalised, said what happened would influence the constitutional development of the country.

"This issue is that important."

Unbelievable, but any democratic debate on constitution matters you thought of having won't be coming anywhere near you. It will be decided by the activist judiciary and some ratepayer funded trough for natives.

Ta, Rodders.


Not PC puts it rather more eloquently...

Roarprawn takes a different view...


pdm said...

You can have a council full of Maori Councillors for all I care - as long as they are elected like all other councillors.

Not likely to happen in my lifetime though.

Anonymous said...

Hey PM, Hide was against this and was overridden by maori/national.
Get your facts straight.

PM of NZ said...

Anon, Not PC has the reply I'm looking for.

Rodney is utterly complicit in drafting this travesty. And is National's scapegoat when issues like this affect re-election chances for Key.

Anonymous said...

He is made to look a scapegoat by the people who are foisting on NZers just about every thing you seem to be opposed to.
To the old saying "Evil prospers when good men do nothing" I would add "or are wilfully stupid"
But go ahead mate, rubbish those who are the only real lifeline, and why not throw away a vote to Winston or the Libz (if you really but hopelessly wanted a change)
(If the Libz were realistic they would make an effort to get a man on the ACT list)
All the Libz post says really is the former ACT leader was hasty and careless. That do not mean there was intent to produce the travesty of justice we have today.