Sunday, January 29, 2012

"The bodies are stacking up"

The bodies are stacking up

This country has really got to take a serious look at what we're doing in the water

Someone gets pissed and drowns. Or goes to sea without appropriate safety gear / preparation. Been more than a few of those in recent months.

Now champion leftie trougher, ex-Mare Bob wants a talk-fest. And taxpayers to pay. Just like his ex-councils' OTT legislation on pool fences.

A fine one to talk when his council failed to take any liability over the questionable maintenance practices and council buck passing so evident in the recent tragic case of Aisling Symes.

is organising a workshop involving all 37 organisations involved in water safety
somehow make sense of the tragedies involved

What we really need is $28 million

As ever, follow the money. It's always the money and getting taxpayers / ratepayers to cough for more follies.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tainted milk

variously claimed that his company's bid was "tainted by fraud"

The OIO found no evidence of this

No doubt that would be the same regime of "of good character" checks used with Mr Dotcom and associates?

Thursday, January 26, 2012


My first computer, a modern marvel in its day. Bloody expensive at $1000 for just a keyboard! Programs came on an audio tape or you mastered BASIC like I did. Never got into games and still have zero interest in them. A hobby interest in computers and electronics from valves to transistors and integrated circuitry that continues to serve me well today.
Once you get over the hurdle of how to get something on the screen it's not that difficult to make apps and share them with your friends

Unfortunately, also really showing my age. Mind you, am just waiting for the know-it-all 7 year old to ask "... and what would you know about computers, Granddad? ".

Lying Len about to take a dump on JAFAs

Auckland Council owns the port company and is also the governing body that must approve the port's plans

Lying Len has been rumbled looking for somewhere to put all that spoil when his train set is extended to include the fabled underground loop. Seems the plans have been well buried from public view.

relates to potential development over the next 40 years. I am sure it will be refined over time...

The perfect place? Extend the wharves you already own. It's all downhill from here on the 40 year plan.

Yes, it will be easy for Lying Len to take a dump on JAFAs.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why the Manawatu Gorge is still shut...

Maybe a silly idea to hope for a 4 laner, but in geological times past, the spoil from such slips went straight into the gorge river and fanned out on the plains next winter.

Prior to the gorge the Manawatu did indeed discharge at the East coast, maybe via the Akitio valley. It was only uplifting of the coastal hills that blocked the eastern exit, Woodville became a bloody big lake till the creek punched an outlet through the gorge to the West.

The only river in the world that rises on East facing slopes and discharges to the West.

The actual volume to be shifted is sod all. Imagine a slip 100m wide, 10m thick and 100m high. 100,000 cuM. The roads people said about 80,000.

If that lot was graded into 5m thick pile in the river bed 50 wide, it would only occupy 400m of river bed. The gorge is 8kM long and has a decent fall, so the debris would match current silt deposits in the river bed. The next winter floods would flush that totally clean as the creek rises 15-20m.

Go figure why it is taking months to clear such a small amount of debris. The bloody bureaucrats have their hands on some cheap fill and are trucking it out half a load at a time. And charging me as a long suffering ratepayer.

HT PDM, comment by me

The unproductive return to the taxpayer teat

All that wasted effort cycling to and from some farm for an extended holiday / talkfest on the taxpayer dime. Not one ounce of productive output.

Meanwhile the real workers continue mining export dollars.

I wonder how much that cost the taxpayer? More here.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kiwi females just might be able to do anything

the youngest sailor to complete a solo circumnavigation of the world


her father has been branded “irresponsible”

Remember the aggro she got a year ago from Dutch authorities?

McCarten, an unadulterated JAFA?

the country seems to run quite well without politicians

... we may not need them after all

our Prime Minister and the rest of his ministers return to their offices tomorrow

I'd heartily agree with sentiments of the first part, but tomorrow? Umm, I think not. Maybe Tuesday, for tomorrow is a public holiday in the beltway and environs.

McCarten shows off his restricted world view for all to see.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

"A test of wills and Australia has lost"

It is time for Australia to adopt turning the boats as its core policy

A COALITION government will order the navy to turn around asylum-seeker boats and return them to Indonesia in an assertion of Australian border protection, Tony Abbott revealed.

About bloody time for an Oz pollie to grow some. Long overdue, if I were in Oz, a pollie that would get my vote.

It's immoral because it will put at risk the lives of navy personnel and asylum seekers

Meanwhile the hand-wringers want open borders. Nothing immoral in returning illegals and I'm sure the Navy will look after their own. IMHO, any complainers should be deck cargo on the boats returning the illegals to where they came from.

And the Tui goes to...

Meridian Energy says it remains committed to its proposed Mokihinui dam on the West Coast following its decision to pull the pin on a controversial $2 billion wind farm in Otago

Now that you've cracked under nimby pressure over a few windmills in the back of beyond, history will mark that down as Gordon River type win, giving activists a leg up to go the whole hog against all corporate development.

Economically and viability-wise, it remains a very attractive project

Where's the Tui? Do you really expect the anti-business activist nutters that plague our country will give you a free pass on building a dam across a creek a few poxy kayakers might make use of?

Come on Meridian, the game is over with your capitulation. Anyone in their right mind would think you've been scuppering the Tui.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Best headline ever

Mass redundancies expected at port

Make it so, Mr Gibson. Teachers are next in line.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Self composting...

People from throughout the country, intent on raising awareness about and strategies to oppose major lignite development plans

the composting long drops were going in

I'd wager there'd be many productive farmers and business people that would be into that self composting.

Like self composting a whole dung heap of tree hugging greenie anti-mining nutter activists as they discuss ways to stop mining progress.

A little bucket of Instant Sunshine TM could kickoff the composting process...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Dying in a ditch

Our management team and Board have a duty to apply a commercial approach and to act in the best interests of Aucklanders, now and over the longer term

No. 6 strike notice served.

Time to fire the MUNZ mongrels.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

From the WTF??? files: Sensitivities of cases such as this...

We fully acknowledge the sensitivities of cases such as this and it is important that people to not leap to conclusions and start pointing fingers prematurely


To the hand wringers getting all wrought with sensitivity, I'd say it is n
othing less than bloody natives murdering their own.

Removal of that warrior gene is something that no amount of taxpayer wedge will fix.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Contradictions abound

when employers band together for the highest price possible it is outlawed as a form of reprehensible greed, while when employees band together seeking the highest price possible it is considered heroic and just

A union’s problem is painfully obvious: organized strikers must shut down the enterprise, close the market to everyone else—uncooperative workers, union members, disenchanted former strikers, and employers—in order to force wages and working conditions above free-market rates. If too many individuals defy the strikers…then unionists often resort to force. Unionists ultimately cannot impose noncompetitive wage rates…unless they can prevent employers from hiring consenting adults on terms that are mutually satisfactory. Unions must actively interfere with freedom of trade in labor markets in order to deliver on their promises.

More union mythbusting and government endorsement of the contradictions here.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Priorities: "It's not a good look for tourists"

It's not a good look for tourists

Unbelievable. A pregnant woman gets severely dealt to on the streets of Rotorua. And all the local city worthies are worried about it is how it looks to tourists.
she was punched, kicked and stomped on near a bus stop in Pukuatua St, in full view of up to 20 people

As for the 20 scum who stood by in the bustop and did nothing apart from posting pix on the web, we can all see where their priorities lie.

ps Am back. Well, never actually went anywhere. Just didn't want to take out another mortgage for more VodaFilth data cap. And New Year's resolutions, whilst fun at the time, are not for keeping.

pps Cheers for all the great comments. Bar one.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

And the #1 New Year resolution is...

No more wasting time blogging.