Friday, January 13, 2012

Priorities: "It's not a good look for tourists"

It's not a good look for tourists

Unbelievable. A pregnant woman gets severely dealt to on the streets of Rotorua. And all the local city worthies are worried about it is how it looks to tourists.
she was punched, kicked and stomped on near a bus stop in Pukuatua St, in full view of up to 20 people

As for the 20 scum who stood by in the bustop and did nothing apart from posting pix on the web, we can all see where their priorities lie.

ps Am back. Well, never actually went anywhere. Just didn't want to take out another mortgage for more VodaFilth data cap. And New Year's resolutions, whilst fun at the time, are not for keeping.

pps Cheers for all the great comments. Bar one.


Anonymous said...

Less than two weeks. Typical tory liar.

Gecko said...

Good to see someone else breaks NY resolutions .....

Anonymous said...

Is this for real? Twenty people watched and did nothing to help her?
What a sad reflection on the state of this nation, and of course, our priorities are down the toilet, or that is, the priorities of those in charge.
Australia anyone? Joining the queue. The animal kingdom desrves control of the planet.

KG said...

Good to see you back, PM. :)

KG said...

"Australia anyone? Joining the queue."
Come on over mate, I'll put a block of xxxx in the 'fridge. :)