Sunday, January 29, 2012

"The bodies are stacking up"

The bodies are stacking up

This country has really got to take a serious look at what we're doing in the water

Someone gets pissed and drowns. Or goes to sea without appropriate safety gear / preparation. Been more than a few of those in recent months.

Now champion leftie trougher, ex-Mare Bob wants a talk-fest. And taxpayers to pay. Just like his ex-councils' OTT legislation on pool fences.

A fine one to talk when his council failed to take any liability over the questionable maintenance practices and council buck passing so evident in the recent tragic case of Aisling Symes.

is organising a workshop involving all 37 organisations involved in water safety
somehow make sense of the tragedies involved

What we really need is $28 million

As ever, follow the money. It's always the money and getting taxpayers / ratepayers to cough for more follies.


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