Saturday, June 30, 2007

Snippets from Agenda

Trevor Mallard is currently in ValeNZia on a holiday provided by the taxpayer and has been interviewed on Agenda this morning. He would have us believe the restrictions on media satirizing are in fact not needed - if straight reporting was conducted, members would handsomely provide all the satire, ridicule and denigration themselves. If that is the case, why did Labour feel the need to muzzle the media?

Also he has been on another recent 'trade mission' with her indoors across the ditch pressing the flesh with MPs from Oz. He would have us believe it was not a junket and wondered aloud why Oz MPs are regarded 'slightly higher' than their counterparts this side of the ditch. Enough said!

While on that junket, the issue of assuming the financial package that would go with a full merger of the AU-NZ economies in capital gains, stamp duty taxes, high dollar, he suggested that it might be a hard package to sell. What he neglected to mention is that his party's voting base would disappear when they would have to work for the dole.

The Cup yet again has NZ firmly on the international stage without the need for the political vulture to be hovering should we win. After todays spinnaker hoisting, we are one step closer to losing and the vulture will be airborne, not to be seen because there are no political points available. Put on the spot, he did say if we were holding the cup aloft at the end of proceedings, further funding would definitely be available, but should we lose, he said it would be considered shortly after the cup - an ill-considered No in my book.

Enjoy your holiday at my expense, Trevor, hopefully it will be your last.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Hell has frozen over

As usual, the Ice Maiden, has jinxed another potentially good operation with her withering good looks and caused Hell to freeze.

Enough said.

Listening To Gangs???

While Tariana would have us believe that we should listen to gangs, no doubt patched gangs with predominately Maori membership, an unscientific online poll taken by the Herald over the last few days suggests that 93% of about 3000 readers think otherwise.

She says there is a continuing moral panic re the recent murder of a toddler and is concerned that
All that such tactics do is to [provoke] more resentment and rage from those who already feel positioned on the outskirts of society
The criminal antisocial lifestyles of those same gangs do nothing, but provoke the same resentment and rage, for those of us living inside society. Tariana further gets on her high horse suggesting
the consistent response to the challenge of the gangs is focused on the sharp end of social control
The gangs need nothing but full frontal challenging by reinforcing the moral panic to combat their insidious national reaches in crime. Anything less is unacceptable, talking to gangs only promotes their mostly illegal causes. Yesterdays action in Whakatane being a prime example of why.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Broad: MIA

Police Commissioner, Mr Broad, Helen's neutered poodle has been noticeably missing in action of late, not commenting or being even seen in or on the news since being busted with a suss movie at his place.

Very noticeable of late, even with the full on media frenzy over lowering of entry standards to meet the politically promised front line coppers. Deputy Rob Pope has been thrust into the spotlight, so just where is Mr Broad? Joined Mr Rickards on extended gardening leave?

This gem has appeared over at Investigate's shop this afternoon - seems the ministers office is definitely not willing to express confidence in Howard. Something really fishy going on behind the scenes - I am sure it will be exposed to strong sunlight soon.

Hat Tip: HalfDone

Images of MP's

Politicians would have us believe that the planned restrictive rules over presenting MPs in a good light are for the better. Seems that pictures of sleeping MPs, reactive expressions, general disorder on the floor and those giving the bird will not be allowed.

The current media are not happy with the plans and have been strenously making noises as below
does not reflect well on the self-interested politicians who made this misguided decision, which we will continue to oppose.
Specifically, "satire, ridicule or denigration" will be banned.

What else is a politician useful for?

Sunday, June 24, 2007

That's a decent prize

Seems some agencies in Geelong, Victoria are not so poker faced when confronted with a different option as the prize for the poker tournament.

Instead of a complimentary drink or a free feed at the hotel, the prize is a voucher for one half-hour at the local house of ill repute.

Business has never been better, says the owner of the Alley Cat Hotel.

Ripoff Kiwisaver

Helen continues the Kiwisaver spin, pushing Mr Cullen's little baby, by comparing it to Norm Kirk's half-decent super scheme in the mid 70's that did not fly.

As Mr Trotter reports this morning, there are a number of major differences between the schemes. Mr Kirk's Scheme was reasonable, but failed because it did not get enough spin doctoring to sell the product. The opposite is true of the effort being made by Labour to get their hands on your money through another tax. The current product is total crap, has not been well thought out and is being implemented on the fly to meet the end of the month startup.

Some differences are noted below;
  • Your money (capital and interest) is NOT government guaranteed.
  • Managing your money will attract presently undefined 'reasonable fees' as decided by the provider.
  • Your provider is not under any pressure to make any profit on your money.
  • Your provider is not compelled to invest ethically.
  • It is not a freebie top-up from your employer, it is a direct tax on your nett wages.
No doubt there are many more small differences and as the fund progresses, more laws will be passed to cover presently unforeseen loopholes, which will be fully exploited until closed.

On top of that, a future government will look at the funds and say goodbye NZ Super, we do not need to provide that anymore. At that point your funds in Kiwisaver will be your only super, they had better have made heaps to take you through your dotage. Also you can be sure that your current tax rate will drop because it is no longer supporting NZ Super from general taxes - Hell Yeah!.

Definitely not for me, I will continue to manage my own super funds, picking and choosing where I invest, not with some money grabber who put in the lowest bid to the government.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

There is no second place

One hour to go, bring it on.


Gentlemen, start your mowers!

In the dead of winter, it is good to see the grass is still growing, with the mowers are being readied to cut the grass from under soon to be ex-Labour candidates. Especially those who are not cunning enough to read the graffiti long writ on the wall.

New kid on the block in Napier, Mr Nash, has his mower fully prepped and has fired the opening shot toward replacing the current loser, party lister, Russell Fairbrother.

I would have thought that the shots Mr Nash has fired would have been regarded as not being cricket within political circles, but as expected when
he says he has been "encouraged" at high levels to stand
the gloves are off and we are witnessing the start of the rout within Labour.

Mr Fairbrother has been worse than useless during his recent term, being an unwanted party lister who managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in a traditionally left seat at the last election and as the determined young buck Mr Nash puts it so well
I don't think Russell has shown the energy to win that back for Labour. It's not because of his age. It is just that in the five years he has been there he has never shown the energy necessary to win that back.
Fairbrother is not presenting himself as a party lister for the next round, though will not confirm where the encouragement came from.
Mr Fairbrother, in turn, claims the Prime Minister's backing and says he is confident of winning selection.
Mr Fairbrother should be looking for other employment, because her indoors on the 9th floor has made it abundantly clear with
the sitting MPs cannot expect the same protection of a preferential list place that almost all have had for the past two elections
Nothing could be clearer than that, but I suppose a few like Russell looking to fully fill up their pension funds will not see the mower coming!

Local Govt Conference at Waitangi

Notice has been given of the upcoming conference, where many subjects will be discussed, the focus being how to further rape the ratepayer wallet.
The three day conference will include keynote speakers of an international calibre on such innovative subjects as:
  • How to Eliminate the Last White Straight Male from your Workplace—Local Government New Zealand Chair Basil Morrison
  • The RMA, And How It’s Just Too Permissive of Sensible Development—Mayor Bob Harvey
  • How to Railroad, and then Withdraw from, Massively Expensive Projects that the Public Doesn’t Want—Hon. Trevor Mallard
  • Ministerial Vetoes: Why Judges are Bastards when they Overturn Them—Chris Carter
  • How To Rort Ratepayers With Water Charges When You’ve Promised them Otherwise—Dr Bruce Hucker
  • Ratepayers Views and How to Sideline Them—Open Panel Discussion
  • Resisting Local Government Reform—Your Job Is More Important Than Their Money
Attendance for all council management is mandatory.

The full agenda can be found here at IP's shop.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Ernesto at his best

Ernesto of Alinghi, who bought the America's Cup for Switzerland, is really getting into the swing of the upcoming event.

He has obviously also purchased the ValeNZia harbour and its harbour master, decreeing today that the waka providing support to ETNZ will not be allowed to accompany the challenger out to the start line. Also the pontoon adjacent to the boat has been deemed to not be strong enough to withstand a haka - I need a Tui!

The main man, a legend in his own lunchtime, having purchased the cup a few years ago, has the current rights to make the rulz as he sees fit. Now, in a fit of pique, due to recent adverse comments re the nationality rule, he is having what he sees as the last laugh.

Hopefully, after five races from the 23rd, he may not be laughing.


Also points to the sub-editor of the story for using the spell checker as below...
... was unlikely to phase Team New Zealand.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

One down, one to go

The 2IC of the Auckland City Council has resigned as leader of the City Vision Ticket in the face of never ending water rates rises. Seems he cannot take the heat.

He has been getting flak from all quarters while he supports the 140% rises over the next decade making the water rates a cash cow to offset general rates. A comment was made
astonished that Dr Hucker "is supporting this rabid increase in water costs to gouge ratepayers
Now we have got rid of him, one to go - Hubbard the Mare is next. All the councillors in the other fiefdoms around the Auckland isthmus would do well to watch this fallout over water rates. Notice is being served, ratepayers have had a gutsful of rates rises and will not stand for back door funding methods.

Corrections Score: FAILED

Corrections have a never ending list their leaders wishes would go away. The Ombudsmen reported their score card yesterday and all day the Minister and the CEO have been carpeted trying to explain away their lack of inaction.

TV1 tonight listed a few of the areas up for discussion - so many I could not keep up - I think I got them all...
  • Prison Transport failures
  • Parole Board failures
  • Corruption within prisons
  • Rioting in prisons
  • Contraband found in prisons
  • Rehab failures
  • New Prison build cost overruns
  • No spare space in prisons
Looking at the above list, is there any part of Corrections left that could be marked as not failed? The only thing not listed is the kitchen service and some would question that output!

The CEO would have us believe that they have not set out to 'mislead, deceive, hide and deny'. The Minister even is trying to shoot the messenger, stating that
‘I am not sure why … the Ombudsmen may have misinterpreted that information’
I suspect that covering their backsides is the prime game and as always, no-one will be found responsible at the top level.

The person that should go forthwith is the Minister, but Helen does not have any one else to take charge of this poisoned cup, so unfortunately he will be forced to take the heat till fired in the New Year during a cabinet reshuffle.

No matter what these two tout as truth, I suspect the public believes the Ombudsmen have ultimately got it right.

America's Cup has started

The Alinghi syndicate boss Ernesto Bertarelli opened the war of words we typically associate with the America's Cup, reminding me of Dirty Dennis.

Seems the nationality rule removed by Alinghi to allow sailors from any nationality on boats could be re-instated if NZ wins the cup again. This was only a comment by ETNZ's Dalton when put on the spot during an interview. Now this has predictably got up Ernesto's snorer and he has pointed out the freebie loan made to Team NZ for the last campaign.

Not helping the debate, Ernesto apparently has been directly reminded by some of the large NZ contingent present in ValeNZia that Coutts (since fired from helming in Alinghi) and Butterworth are still rightly regarded as traitors to the NZ cause. They took their 30 pieces and will always be rightly vilified for doing so.

Ever the gentleman, Dalton has been trying to distance himself from the intent of the interview comment, agreeing to disagree with Ernesto.

Now that is more the America's Cup we have come to know and love to hate. Roll on June 23rd!

(In)secure Vetting?

The Government has been put on the spot over a security company who successfully tendered for a security service at the Defence Force's HQ. NZ First MP Ron Mark reveals that the sucessfully vetted directors of the would be security operation are none other than the two who were exposed as unlicensed a year ago.

At that time they actually provided a security service in a Police station, one had been previously convicted for rape / serious assault and the other had a dishonesty conviction. Both these foxes reportedly were providing security in the chicken coop looking after a supposedly suicidal female when pinged at that time!

Now serious questions are being asked as to how this pair passed supposed secure vetting to win the tender. I would suspect is that, as is the norm for any military contract, the tender was awarded on price.

All Armed Forces members are more than aware that the very weaponry, they use daily to defend their lives, was provided by the lowest bidder. Nothing changes, even with security outsourcing!

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Toothless watchdog

The Tenancy Tribunal's recent action to have a troublesome houseload removed will be being watched closely by all landlords in NZ. They know it is toothless and procedures always favour the tenant. If the Housing Corp, with Police help cannot action the eviction, what chance do private landlords stand?

The tenants have been reportedly acting as little scumbags as below
frequent complaints from neighbours, including acts of violence, intimidation, burglary, drunken and disorderly behaviour and theft committed by family members against the locals
High noon for vacating the property passed at midnight last night and after having engaged the services of a lawyer they managed to get an extension of time for a week because the tenants dear old mum is unwell and cannot attend an eviction hearing.

The spin doctor at Housing Corp puts it more delicately -
The mother is allegedly ill and so we are very mindful of that
This government SOE is feeling now doubt 'vulnerable', even though they have a tribunal order. I say, too scared to put any pressure on, as the Prime Minister has recently been very supportive of another certain SOE supposedly murdering one of its customers. I say the floodgates are now fully wedged open and this is the first example of an SOE not having the guts to serve normal business process.

Further, the tenants, after having made themselves 'persona non grata' in that street are asking for another tenancy with the Housing Corp. Gutsy call.

Ride of his life

A disabled wheelchair user was crossing in front of truck when the lights changed and the truck took off, jamming the handlebars of the wheelchair into the grille of the truck.

The disabled man was taken for a ride for several blocks till eventually being rescued at another set of lights.

Scary stuff at 80 km/h!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris freed after 3 days

After some 'medical' issues, Paris was freed to home detention, making a total mockery of the jailing.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Deal or No Deal

Was just flicking channels during the news and caught TV3 showing new hostesses with the cases for the Deal or No deal show. Seems the hostesses have too much cleavage on display for a G rated show, the complaints have flowed in. One punter said
"I was waiting for a boob to fall out every time a case was opened"...
So the they interviewed the show host, Mr Corbett who said the show would take the complaints onboard. He also suggested that the hostesses were
"independent and intelligent woman".
Get real - they are bimbos!

Pushing the enevlope

A bloke in an Invercargill court for a defended drink-drive hearing was noticed by the beak to be asleep and turfed out when it was found he was actually under the weather.

The man in question when addressed by the judge said

"I'm not drunk in your court . . . You want to see me drunk in your court?"
After a short adjournment, when it was found near impossible to keep the defendant awake, he was remanded for proceedings at a later date.

As the original charge was for being asleep over a motor scooter on service station forecourt, maybe this bloke does not have a drink problem, but a sleep disorder? Needs a medical report, followed by the usual soft sentence.

As an aside, I note that Stuff is reporting the date of the offence as being the same as the future remand date. Good one Stuff! Copying the Southland Times?

Group sex

The woman at the centre of the group sex scandal is being reported as having passed away yesterday in Tauranga.

Given that group sex was a very hot topic for our Prime Minister to enforce her views on the masses just a short few months ago and with yesterdays' obscene electioneering in Mangere, can we expect Dear Leader at the funeral?

Sense at last!

The owner of the gun shop who shot at a would be killer making various demands while weilding a machete has had the firearms charges laid by the Police dropped today.

The presiding JPs said there was not enough evidence to proceed on the unlawful possession charges.

Sense at last, self defence was always the correct choice.


Luna Rossa proved a worthy opponent in this last race continually taking the challenge back to NZL92, fighting to the last gasp. Many tacks, both uphill and downhill continually eating into the hard earned leads held by ETNZ. LR was always a threat, near heart failure in the last few metres!

Congratulations to Grant Dalton and the team for the Loius Vuitton cup win. One more job to do, starting on the 23rd, to see off the defender in the upcoming 32nd America's Cup.

Well done!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

2012 Logo pulled

It seems that even with the millions spent on da logo, London 2012 Olympic did not get it quite right and it has been pulled. Used the excuse of epilepsy or something - nothing to do with the high opposition.

I knew there was something unsettling about the fluoro colours....

A summary

Darren G, on the proposed government measures re protecting the 'vulnerable' in Mr Farrar's Kiwiblog, comments as follows;
The "vulnerable" in this case is obviously Helen Clark and her government.
She is in her neck up to it as much as Mercury Energy, if not more so.
Mercury Energy is a state-owned enterprise.
Helen Clark and her government appoints its board.
Helen Clark and her government decide on the financial targets the company has to meet. Thus the greedy, rapacious and heartless capitalist is not so much Mercury Power but Michael Cullen.
Helen Clark and her government has been in power for eight years. Obviously until last week they were happy with this state of affairs, or else they could have changed them.
Helen Clark and her government are responsible for the benefits system. They instigated a policy called Working for Families, which involves people applying for it.
Did the famnily apply for it? Was it too hard for them? Did they fear shame in applying? If this was the case, then Working For Families failed in this instance.
Helen Clark and her government could have instigated tax cuts for the poor, like what we have seen in Australia, which would have been paid directly to the breadwinner of the house and could have been used to pay the power bill-and the family's phone bill too.
Now the family are poor. Well obviously taxes in this country are too high for those on low incomes, much higher than for equivalent poor families in Australia. Helen Clark and her government are to blame for this.
And as the husband's wage wasn't much either, then obviously Helen Clark and her government have instigated economic policies that have failed to generate sufficient extra wealth for those at the bottom of the heap.
I am sure we could go on.
We could look at the family itself.
The role of culture? If someone has been in the country 6 or more years then they should be able to speak and understand English, understand New Zealand ways.
What other bills were they paying?
Were they giving money to the church that they could ill afford.
I find it striking that after whipping up a media frenzy, tipping off his favourite contacts at Radio New Zealand, that union activist Brendan Sheehan is demanding a halt to the police inquiriries.
This union activist created the media storm, which at first glance fits in with the beliefs of the left and our struggling 'vulnerable' PM.
Thus, it is only right that inquiries by the police and the media carry on to their logical conculsion, to find out what really happened.
Trouble is for Clark and Sheehan, the facts might not be what they wish to hear.
A very good summary of the situation.

No murder here, move along!

The family spokesman for the power disconnect family must be feeling the heat as Police continue their investigations, as he now wants the direct probing of the family to cease. The Police are investigating a murder supposedly caused by the government's SOE Mercury, for that is what the Prime Minister and others have been screaming to tell us for days, even the union family spokesman.

Isolation of potential supects and witnesses seem to be a normal initial investigative procedure, possibly to prevent contamination of stories, but the union rep wanted to be party to those interviews. When he found he would not be allowed in, as might be normal in dispute hearings, he went off his face and accused the Police of blatant racism when they rightly conducted those interviews in the national language of NZ, English.

Now as the heat continues in the investigations, the family the union rep is changing tack.

"We would like the police to stop their inquiries immediately. The police inquiry is not helping us and it's not helping the contractor.

"The public interest is not served by a criminal investigation to blame any individual for this tragedy. What's required is an investigation into electricity companies and their procedures and practices."

Obviously being coached from higher up the party food chain, noting that the Prime Minister has been less direct and vocal this side of the weekend, preferring to stir up the House with threats of intensive regulation and making all power companies extensions of WINZ. It has even been stated that the union rep was working the story - how unexpected! I also note the local DHB Chief Medical Officer has gone quiet over the weekend, maybe as noted in an earlier post, damage control mode? Or facts not fitting the accusation?

(Note to self: - when I am in strife with any bill, must dial 0800 SOE PAY MY BILL)

The accusation of murder was made, the Police continue to do their job
, but what is the betting that certain matters have surfaced that the SOE and their subbie are not blameworthy or culpable? Further correspondence from the SOE has been received by the government (not yet made public) on the matter. 32,000 disconnections a year must have some well established guidelines that are working well, not requiring further legislation.

Match Point!

Another fantastic race this morning, particularly to see the 180m change from being astern at the first cross, to being well ahead at the end of the first leg.

A little bit of emotion this morning at race end, just wait when they get the game point.

The latest in cool?

These glasses would not fall into the stemware category, probably are more suited to dealers of the much vaunted tall poppy culture?

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Great race!

It was worth it staying up to watch the race this morning - 40 secs - never looked like being threatened. Boat certainly has the legs in better conditions.

3 races to go and it is all over.

See some Euro teams are talking about finding it difficult to come down to NZ if we win. I wonder what the ultimate price will be for having Emirates on board - Dubai? Remember, whoever holds the cup makes the rulz!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Living in terror

This quote sums up the current state of play in regards to Israel.

Let me ask you a hypothetical question. What do you think America would do if Canadian soldiers were firing dozens of missiles every day into Buffalo, N.Y.? What do you think our response would be if Mexican troops for two years had launched daily rocket attacks on San Diego — and bragged about it?

I can tell you, our response would look nothing like Israel’s restrained and pinpoint reactions to daily missile attacks from Gaza. We would use whatever means necessary to win the war. There would likely be numerous casualties on our enemy’s side, but we would rightfully hold those who attacked us responsible.

More than 1,300 rockets have been fired into Israel from Gaza since Palestinians were given control two years ago. Israelis, however, have gone to incredible lengths to stop the war against them without harming Palestinian non-combatants. But make no mistake, Israel is at war. The elected Hamas government regularly repeats its official promise to destroy Israel entirely and replace it with an Islamic state. Hamas openly took credit for killing one woman and wounding dozens more last week alone.

The Palestinian strategy is to purposely target and kill Israeli civilians. Then, when Israel goes after those launching the attacks, Palestinians claim to be the victims. If Palestinian civilians aren’t hurt in the Israeli attacks, they stage injuries and deaths. Too often, they garner sympathy and support from a gullible or anti-Semitic media in the international community.

Israelis, themselves, are often incapable of facing the damage they inflict in self-defense. Knowing this, Islamic extremists are using their own populations as human shields.

I’m beginning to wonder how much longer this vicious plot will work though. International sympathy for Palestinians has diminished as the same Islamofascist extremists have brought havoc to Madrid, Bali, Somalia, London and elsewhere. More importantly, Israelis themselves are suffering so badly, they may be on the verge of losing their sympathy for the people who have sworn to kill them.

Imagine what it would be like to live, knowing that a rocket could fall on you or your children at any minute. Half of those who live nearest to Gaza have fled their homes. Those remaining are traumatized by daily warning sirens and explosions.

The irony is that Israel has the military might to easily win the war that is being waged against them today. They haven’t used that might, in the past, out of compassion for Palestinian civilians and because it could trigger a wider regional conflict.

That balance of power is about to change, though. If Iran develops nuclear weapons, the very existence of this tiny nation of Israel will be threatened. The Iranian regime has left little doubt that it intends to see Israel "wiped off the map.” Hamas is using the same language, not coincidentally, and has announced it will begin launching missiles into Israel from the West Bank too.

If the world doesn’t act to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions, it must be prepared for the consequences of Israel defending itself.

Hat Tip to Half Done for this very sage piece. We see so much happening over there and become inured to it - this piece sums it up and gives a very clear picture of where it is going. Time we took notice.

8 seconds!

4 races to go - the first Louis Vuitton race was a close run thing, but they did well and at least we know there is no marked difference in the boats. Look forward to tomorrows race number 2. If we can get 2 up, that will put the pressure on.

Forecast is 9-14 knots - LR on sbd at start - info

Obscene Politicking

Yesterday NZ and the world were treated to the most obscene display of politicking from our Dear Leader. After one of her government's SOE's pulled the plug for tardy payment of the power bill and the mother of the family subsequently died, she spent most of the previous 24 hours pillorying the management of said SOE for their supposed part in this tragedy.

She then had the gall to try to slip quietly mid afternoon into the living room of the grieving family, supposedly wanting to be unoticed by the media. This action was not unnoticed by the media, as the living room has been full of media since the poor lady passed on and the media were advised of her ETA prior. This cold calculating stunt, over the woman's body, was extremely perverse, trying to gain politcal points. This person is the leader of our corrupt government, which is bereft of inspiration and in a tailspin as recent polls suggest imminent meltdown.

The management of the SOE, while being savaged from all quarters, especially from various MPs and Dear Leader, have stood their ground on this matter, apparently having followed well established procedure as used by all power suppliers. They have given very level headed responses to the situation, even taking the trouble to express their remorse directly to the family in a culturally sensitive manner and today express their apology.

There are many questions to be asked to resolve this matter so it never happens again. I for one, never wish to witness a NZ Prime Minister or any public figure resorting to such odious and devious tactics, for possible political gain.