Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Another Global Warmist lie exposed

Tropical forests are growing faster than scientists thought due to rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

Amazon are essential for soaking up excess greenhouse gases, and play a far greater role than had been previously realised 

Seems nature is good at doing what it does best.

What we've had up till this paper was a theory of carbon dioxide fertilisation based on phenomena at the microscopic scale and observations at the global scale that appeared to contradict those phenomena 

Don't we know it.  The planet is infested with Global Warmists preaching doom and gloom with their tunnel vision always ever ready to fleece my wallet.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Wild Oats XI does it again

Wild Oats XI has just taken her record 8th line honours a few minutes ago in the Sydney - Hobart yacht race.  Has been sailing consistently about half a knot faster than #2 for the last day.

Not bad when the second boat is the race favourite Yankee boat Comanche which is 10 miles off the pace, the fleet has 130 miles plus to go and most of it is still crossing the notorious Bass Strait.


ps: for those that noticed, the post earlier today was an absolute cockup. In holiday mode.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Really? Another sister pimps the poor

A picture of a Struggle Street heifer that looks like she spends more than a few hours at the trough whilst affording to colour to her thatch accompanies the story in which she pimps the poor in today's bleeding heart sob piece from the MSM.

Some people will ask me how I can afford my tattoos, colour my hair, afford the internet or cellphone ... a diploma in social services

Can't afford to make ends meet?  Really?

I'd say another one of the leftie sisters of the wimmin-hood crying wolf , but then I'm a heartless bastard who believes in personal responsibility.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Victimising filthy drug dealers

  • had told the dealer to stop supplying drugs to the brother of a friend of his
  • dealer kept on supplying
  • man had persisted in selling drugs ... even after being warned off

Another dealer of drugs requiring an effective message to be delivered.  Something Mr Plod and the Judiciary continually fails to effectively provide.

went to the man's house, dragged him out his front door and gave him a hiding

Good.  A strong anti-drug message was delivered.  Unfortunately said deliverer of the requisite message has been arrested and jailed for breaking a few bones.

I'd say the message was properly and effectively delivered in the only way filthy peddlers of drugs would understand.  Lead ventilation by Mr Plod would be preferred in my book.

There is something seriously wrong with our sick society when the drug dealers are classed as victims!

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Really? Darwin nominee cashes up

Moses Tohu died after slipping and falling five metres from AE Fun Park's flying fox about 5.30pm on Friday

Tragic at first look.

Then we see:

  • Park management claimed he had been using the flying fox without permission from staff
  • had spent an enjoyable day at the venue with colleagues attending a Christmas party (no mention of alcohol)
  • arrived "as a spectator only"
  • that the flying fox was not intended to be in operation at the time of the incident
  • flying fox had been secured and the deceased had not been authorised to access it, or provided with access by park staff
  • mourning family members who called him "Uncle Mo" and questioned where his harness had been

A grieving family want explanations after a tragic workplace Christmas-party death at an adventure park in Northland


Read: The adventure park is about to be stiffed with fines and more cotton-wool regulations as the family looks for koha to assuage their grief.

park has strict operating rules and procedures for the flying fox and all other park activities to ensure customer safety

We do not believe this incident would have occurred under normal operation of the equipment

I'd say another Darwin Award nominee has just left this planet.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Revenue gatherers do not trust modern electronics

Police will not accept GPS speed readings to contest speeding fines

GPS devices were not a certified method of tracking speed

Luddites.  I'd suspect half a dozen satellites triangulating my speeding car might be just as accurate, if not much better, as their standalone revenue gathering tools.

And I suspect that Mr Plod's revenue gatherers would readily shop you in a court of law with similar 'uncalibrated' electronic data taken from your vehicle's engine management / navigation systems if there was a chance of prosecution.

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Time for dairy farmers to start puckering

A little bird has suggested to me that the imminent announcement re dairy payout could be preceded with a 3.  Scaremonger!

With numbers like that, bet there's more than a few with puckering sphincters.  Does not cover operational costs, let alone any thought of debt servicing.

Also a number like that would knock the stuffing out of any recovery NZ Inc was looking at.  Looking on the bright side, 'Tis the season to be jolly!

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The modern engineer:

The modern engineer is ever ready to reap the kudos from shiny-arsed bureaucrats...

"It's a great piece of infrastructure - innovative and great to look at. It's a piece of functioning art."

An art installation?  Must be OK then.

Meanwhile in other news...

awards come hot on the heels of council reissuing a warning to boaties the Te Matau a Pohe bridge may be closed for periods days over 26C, as steel expansion means it could potentially jam.

Because it was such an innovative piece of infrastructure, it was possible engineers were going to encounter the occasional glitch such as steel expansion in hot weather

Eh?  Steel expands in hot weather?

In the real world would you happily pay for such so called engineers designing your roadway?  I think not!