Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The hits keep coming - QOTD

I give Muller 1 years tops – then it’s. “Here’s Jude, honey I’m, back.”

Best one I've seen for a while.  A year?  That's being bloody generous! 

Apparently the new idiot has been an omnishambles this morning.

LabourLite new idiot on back foot already

I packed it up in a box when I left the office round there," he said pointing in the direction of his old office "and it will stay in the box.

The not-unexpected pile on started from day one ending with him forgetting some memorabilia on the way to the new office.

Left: 1, LabourLite -100.

I wonder if he's also left his gonads in that box or does St Jacinda of Corona already have them in jar being proudly exhibited on her display shelf?

Muller was again pressed on the issue of Māori representation within his shadow cabinet this morning, during his morning media rounds

Meanwhile on the first business day they're schooled that being of a certain race is a necessity in the Aotearoan worldview of politicking.  The leftards have found an opening and will keep picking.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

LabourLite lurches further left into the abyss

He also left the door open to a possible post-election deal with the Green Party, saying he rates its co-leader James Shaw "very highly"

Just how far left is LabourLite going?  Not content with supporting climate change idiocy, the new village idiot in charge of the Nats now wants to work with the watermelon Communists.

As previously posted - a vote for (or not) National will result in same outcome - socialist demands bending NZ Inc. over the table for a full on rogering of the worst kind. 

Are there any truly right of centre offerings for voters in New Zealand?  Full on God botherers are excluded.

LabourLite gifts Lazarus a lifeline [update]

Winston Peters has welcomed comments by new National leader Todd Muller suggesting the party's ban on working with New Zealand First Party could be reviewed

FFS.  Just when the sharpened stake was awaiting the corpse of Winston First on September 19th, LabourLite breathes life into Lazarus.

Yet another reason not to vote for Nats as they lurch leftward.


Just like Labour, but better

Pretty much sums it up
Comment from BFD

Friday, May 22, 2020

Labour Lite? Never!

He did not answer questions as to whether he had the numbers to roll Bridges. Muller was with his wife Michelle - they had just flown down from Auckland

Must think he's got the numbers and he's going to make an announcement at 5 past 12 with the missus in tow.

Doesn't matter which village idiot leads LabourLite.  Whilst National follows Labour lockstep into the abyss of socialism, they can fight as much as they like - they won't be getting my vote.

Mind you if Judith was in the top spot, at least that'd be a step in the right direction to take the fight to the lying Princess of Corona.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Only months to Covid-20?

I wonder when a future version of the Wu-Flu escapes from an unprepared Chinese virus lab, some might say (in)conveniently located near a wet market, will the world's already decimated economies be able to withstand another assault?

But there is no end of backslapping going on within New Zealand's socialists as they fight for a slice of the massive debt that has being loaded into our economy.  I say businesses should be allowed fail to expose the full force of the debt that New Zealand is taking on.

Propping up businesses like Air New Zealand is a long term losers game when others can and do supply better service.  All vanity projects in central and local government should be immediately canned.  Overpaid bureaucrats and politicians should be pared to the bone.

What happens in 8 weeks when the wage subsidy runs out will be that the businesses fold due to poor trading.  Borrowing now to put off the evil day for election bribes is not sound practice.

This household (and probably many others) will not be spending on non-essential niceties.  When the free lunch (pun intended) welfare cheque stops, I suggest other families will be forced to make a similar decision.  Game over for businesses. 

As the economy has already been wrecked by St Jacinda of Corona what will they do when Wu-Flu-2020 arrives?

Wednesday, May 06, 2020

Party of tossers wants more of the action

Covid-19 The Government* has left the economy in tatters. 

The Government has a blank slate and an open chequebook to show just how brave it is.

I’ve said before that I’d like to see a universal basic income (UBI) as part of the stimulus package

* I've corrected it for you

Whilst St Jacinda of Corona is bankrupting New Zealand doling out my hard earnt cash to all and sundry, yet another party of idiots surfaces looking for a slice of said freebies.

Seems that those who won't entertain working to better themselves somehow deserve a universal benefit.  As if the current pot of gold ie unbridled welfare taken from already exorbitant taxes isn't enough.

Where do these tossers get their ideas?  Unfortunately they will get votes from the unwashed expecting cradle-to-grave handouts.