Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Smart choices at the polling box

I too, like NRT here, have been faced with similar choices re who to vote in for Mid Central Health and other would be tyrants on councils I have never met.

As always, there are far easier considerations for my choices - instantly halved the candidates by removing all females - their place in this world is to serve, not in ruining or running my life. Secondly anyone with formal type letters after their name, particularly medical type letters are removed - they are only shiny bums looking to further dine at the trough. Thirdly anyone directly connected with the red or green camps, even ever remotely so joined to a union, teachers, commies or tree hugging, is removed.

The candidate odds are now so severely reduced such that persons who wish for my vote stand out from the crowd. Males such as the self-employed, with some proven business acumen and those who wish to pursue the immediate reduction of bureaucracy in any shape or form and reduction of my taxes win hands down.

Why NRT would bother reading the wishy-washy self-promoting prose from candidates when put on the spot with questions, I don't know. Candidates, once elected always swerve onto the path of profligacy with my hard earnt taxes and their self-serving actions.

Too late now, forever damned, the postie has gone with my limited choices in an envelope and the choices are really easy when you stick to the above rulz...

Harvey desparate

Aah! Desperate times call for more desperation. The young native, JT, the 'coming Maori', is putting the wind up the incumbent mare in the Waitakere horse race. Maybe the reins of the 'eco' city are about to change.

A sideline: 'Eco' is a reference to the state of your wallet post paying for exorbitant and ever rampant WCC taxes and user charges. All required to fund Bob's millstone legacy on ratepayers - 'Son of Britomart'.

Seems after 15 years at the reins, with nary a neigh on such matters, Bob the ex-spin doctor has realised what most know - a tax on a tax is just plain old double dipping and has to stop. GST on rates is just not cricket and removal thereof is offered to ratepayers as salvation for his imminent dumping re-election.

The usual suspects, such as the Local GuvMINT Association prez and the coiffured one, as Minister of Double Dipping, have cried foul and warn of dire consequences should the GST be not paid.

I, for the first time ever, admit to having to agree with an utterance from Bob re rates. While he is looking to give a 12.5% discount on taxes, this will not happen, as the other 80 odd trough wallowers will not budge for fear of damaging the siphon line directed into their wallets.

Times must be desparate, JT, your first job as Mayor is to implement a 12.5% cut in rates.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Saga of an ephiphany

It seems that the esteemed Barnsley Bill's princess has somewhat of an ephiphany following an emergency trip southward through Northland to that over funded establishment of Hodgson's in Fongarei.

After this long and obviously fraught saga of woe, made with many very valid observations, his better half has finally seen a bright light and the 'Lucky Country' awaits.

Probably travelling, like most others will, after turning off the lights, just after the theiving red team usurp democracy forever in about 11 months time. Turned down moving to Northland a few years ago for similar reasons as BB outlined, probably could assist population increase in dingo country about the same time.

All the best to Master BB, hope he does not get sunburn from too much TV.

One leech gone

Good to see that the powers to be have reduced the take on my overtaxed wallet by one MP. Pity we can't get shot of the other 121 leeches.

I wonder if WhaleOil is in the new South Auckland electorate called Botany?

Another bloody tax!

The minister involved with this piece of madness has been flogging this horse for years. I do not see why I should pay to insure my cars against me hitting other nutters on the road, just because other countries do. I take the risk currently, many years behind the wheel without a ticket speaks for itself.

Why should I be taxed to cover someone else's risk? If nutters want to buy a Flash Harry car, let them pay for the risk.
This exercise is yet just another rapacious tax on my lifestyle.

I suppose the poor unwashed masses will claim yet another benefit to run their cars and ACC will not adjust their ever increasing tax rake to reflect the lowering of the risk, should this madness eventuate. I was under the impression that a massive part of the rego fee carries sort of third party risk - will this tax supercede that? I will bet that insurance companies will not drop their premiums one cent to show any decrease in risk.

Next tax we will have compulsory house and medical insurances. For what? Will the tax intake ever stop or reduce?

This government has lost the plot with their loony climate change policies being a massive tax grab on millenial cyclic occurrences, now they are looking for another something else to distract the masses.

A very big NO to compulsory insurance in any shape or form.

Doomed from the start?

Another premises opened with much fanfare, remains closed, being unfit for purpose. Some would say that the building was doomed as her indoors from Wellington was the invited guest. Probably even has an expensive plaque to forever remind patrons of her folly in attending.

The Chief Medical Orificer from the ministry, is citing research which shows
showing children suffer lung damage and respiratory problems, including asthma, from being housed within 500 metres of a busy road or motorway

Now, that is odd, as the usually vocal and forthright good people in LA use a yardstick fully one third of that distance are singing the same song. Seems their skool authorities ignore long known pollution effects, city bylaws, plain commonsense and continue to build teaching establishments right next door to freeways. Maybe the land is cheap?

Could it be a viral union sponsored email citing the same research?

While the CMO is pushing her barrow, she may be doing the clogged arteries of Jafaland a favour. Soon it will be illegal, not only to build skools or creches near a motorway, to even live or work near a polluted motorway.

All motorways will become 1000 metres wide, ending congestion issues and maybe the guvamint of the day had it right so many years ago when they so rightly acquired 35KM (or was it miles?) wide belts from the locals for roads under Public Works.

Apparently the fine particles of this insidious pollution are extremely hard to filter and no amount of filtering will stop the long term damage to our kids. (See detail in LA Times article). Why live in a city at all?

An oldie over here at NZ City, another scientific type has suggested that females are directly affected by this type of pollution with oestregen overload, causing PMT like symptoms with skewed emotions. Now that confirms for me what drives those power crazed females in our cities and govamint.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

LAPD mimic NZ Police

The LAPD are following the example of our now world-famous Keystone Cops with this report.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Broad is still alive!

Like Barrymore's rent boy, Helen's esteemed puppet in the constabulary has re-surfaced, ostensibly to take the flak re the Keystone Cop like antics highly visible on the world stage.

He is stabbing his personnel in the back by suggesting
may have overlooked the significance of the car.

Nice one, Howard. Good to know when there is an international audience, you will surface to hog the limelight. Likewise your team will be happy to know that their illustrious leader is willing to back their actions to the hilt.

Uncommon use for a vacuum?

This tosser was not caught in flagrante delicto, but the beak noted
I'm sure that your client didn't hoover the carpets
Apparently high as kite on a drug induced burn, he was not spring cleaning either...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Employment dispute resolution

It must be comforting for public servant drones to know that National favours a lancing with a golden handshake. Bugger your rights under existing employment dispute laws.

All the very public trials have found nothing criminal with the suspended Mr Plod who was once touted as the best thing since sliced bread, long groomed for higher stations within the force. Some would say that he has blotted his copybook, but group sex is not illegal in NZ.

The hierarchy continues to desperately look for any excuse, pushing conduct unbecoming as being just cause
to get rid of the festering boil. Joe Public is fast tiring of $250K pa and a new car to boot, whilst on suspension. If there was any just excuse, he would have been long gone.

National is stirring the pot, chasing more points, wants to get rid of the problem quickly, possibly adding another large nail in the red coffin when a potentially large golden handshake occurs on Labours' watch. Great points scorer for the opposition, problem solved before you get the reins.

Now hers indoors reckons
They are politically naive and reckless with public money.

Reckless??? Just remind me who stole $900K from the taxpayer for self preservation?

Friday, September 14, 2007

Calling all wannabe refugees and other no-hoper illegals

advertised New Zealand once again as the number-one soft touch for illegal immigrants

I never thought in my wildest nightmares that I might or could wholeheartedly agree with the number one bauble counter, but 'trust me, vote-for-me' Winnie has hit the nail on the head.

This criminal rocks up at the front gate, having flushed a false passport down the bog as the plane lands, is a convicted terrorist and then asks for clemency. And what does the soft cock NZ government do? It allows said criminal to twist our soft immigration laws to suit himself to the point now, where the powers consider the risk to be minimal. Also of note in recent times, the criminal is suddenly
no longer a threat to New Zealand was that he had become "more candid" in his disclosures to authorities
So he was a risk initially and was rightly locked up for that risk. The corrupt government, ever more desperate to clutch at eternal power from the ballot box have decided it is time to be shot of this millstone. This criminal should have never been let into NZ.

Once a terrorist, always a terrorist, just like the rabid greenie MP Locke and the trough slurping lawyer who showed support for this cause, they will never change their spots. This episode will come back to bite NZ - he and any others of his ilk, such as the recently conveniently converted, should be deported the same day they arrive, without any further questions.

If I were to do the same at the border in the US of A, where could I expect to be? Do not pass go, do not collect a legal aid lawyer, proceed directly to Gitmo! That is what should have happened here, but we are too soft for these terrorists who know every trick and how to bend specific countries laws.

Keep the pressure on Winnie and enjoy your last twelve months playing with Helen's baubles.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Yes, we know!

Hers indoors has made a statement of the bleedin' obvious -
decision by Corrections Minister Damien O'Connor to take a suspended prison guard on a parliamentary rugby trip to France as "a bad call".

"I wished he had asked somebody."

We knew that a few days ago, but what we really want to know, is when he is going to be dealt with and will it be today? You have had three or four days to consider this, whilst you have been on a shopping trip to Oz to get a new Drizabone, nothing else was achieved there except nukes which are now back on the agenda, but we still would like positive action to get rid of this useless minister.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Tally Ho chaps!

Just in from Biggles:
The Red Baron has been sighted at six o'clock high and we are ready to engage in the dogfight...

Seems that WAAG has finally got its house in order and is now putting heavy pressure on council candidates for the North Shore, where the flights to the mooted second airport at Whenuapai will cross, making heaps of noise, streaming avgas exhaust fumes 24x7 across their burbs and beaches.

The WAAG Prez suggests
the majority of the people on the North Shore will be affected one way or another

Damn right they will, they are about to become the very noisy and smoggy lower part of the glideslope into Whenuapai in prevailing south-westerlies. Over there, as blogged sometime ago, the evil Red Baron, Mayor Bob has been flying his biplane re Waitakere City taking over Whenuapai as a fully commercial airport, second to the main one in that French suburb of Auckland, Mon-Gere.

This has been going on for months, with claim and counter-claim, at great expense to very concerned ratepayers on all sides. The Red Baron has declared war on on all, being hell bent on getting WCC ratepayers to stump up at great cost. The doddery old fart needs taking out at this election!

WAAG is doing a leaflet drop, aiming to sway voter opinion against commercialisation of the airport when the Air Farce finally vacates some time in the future, although WAAG thinks the future council shoud remain 'inside the tent' on any discussions with the Red Baron.

From Biggles:
Good on WAAG, do your best chaps!
Am off to have a look at the Navy not being able to get spares for some not so useful and extremely expensive helos...

Thursday, September 06, 2007

$35 million foot bridge???

While the ratepayers have been continually stiffed in recent times with gargantuan rises each year, followed by continuous complaints, I could be sure that some councils might have taken onboard that spurious expenses might be curtailed. Even discussed fully as to what other services might be cut to fund new excursions into the realms of dreamland.

Not so with this council, it wants to spend, for starters, $35 million of your money on a footbridge! You have got to be joking! How many pedestrian crossings would that take to pay back over its life span to justify it? In this enlightened age of the supposed benefits of exercise, the alternative route around the basin it will cross, maybe 1.5Km tops, may actually have some health benefit to pedestrians!

Get real, stop looking for a plaque with your name on it and stop wasting my taxes!

Labour worried about losing Jafaland

Another ancient supporter of the deep red camp has come out swinging and showing her support for the incumbent Dick of Auckland. Labour is really worried about losing control of Auckland to possibly uncontrollable factions such as Banksie in the city and and the 'coming Maoris' out there in the feral burbs.

When this ex trough-slurper says,
She said she had "absolutely not" been put up by Labour to endorse Mr Hubbard and had no idea what the party's position was

Guess what, I do not believe you, especially when all have served on the same side!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

43 days of hell has already started

Further to my last, Belinda McCammon has a very good summary of what those partners, who show no interest in the national game, can or can't do whilst enduring pure unrelenting hell. 43 days? It started months ago with the Mallardrome.
It may be only every four years but for these people, Saturday marks the start of 43 days of pure unrelenting, media saturating rugby hell

Copied without shame, here is the full list.

Top 10 survival tips

1. Don't talk during the game or ask questions if you don't understand what's going on - best to feign knowledge through silence. And don't save your talking up for half-time, that's for the commentary team not you.

2. Three minutes to fulltime, the score tied, with a drop-kick all that's standing between the All Blacks winning ... it's not the time to ask whether you should go to his parents for Christmas or yours.

3. No matter how cute and fit you find those finely tuned and highly skilled professional athletes, keep the "Phwoar!!" comments to a minimum. It only validates his ogling the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. Also be sensitive if you are captivated by all those toned manly thighs - oh those thighs - it may not be appreciated if your partner has spent the past month eating chicken wings and drinking beer on the sofa.

4. Tap into emotional blackmail. Now is the time to splurge on all those "must have" items which rising interest rates and shaky finance companies have put paid to. Neglect should have its financial rewards.

5. Harmless language can have a loaded meaning during the RWC. "Food-poisoning", "out with injury" and "choking" should not be bandied about during All Black games, they will not see the funny side.

6. Don't ask your partner to explain the breakdown of the scrum. Not only will it confuse you but it will only prove that he doesn't understand it either.

7. Have distractions on hand should the worst happen. Snacks, toys, tissues, a comfort blanket, a tape of the 1987 RWC win, anything which will help ease the agony of another four years lost.

8. Do not underestimate the importance of replayed games and highlights packages. It may seem like watching paint dry to you but, as we know, once is never enough for a man. Likewise, if you hear a result from another pool match let him find out on his own - especially if it involves France, South Africa or Australia storming to yet another on-form victory.

9. Accept you will attend social gatherings, which do not revolve around rugby, by yourself until the tournament is over. This includes anything involving births, deaths and marriages. And do not invite your rugby-hating friends around to the house while the games are on, especially if they have children.

10. Be ready to celebrate if the All Blacks win. You may be a fair-weather-friend but fans will be so relieved it's not another four years in the wilderness all will be forgiven.

Thankfully, the RWC does have a shelf life.

Sinking ship

A pinko ex PM who has seen the light, as one who is no longer on-board the fast sinking Labour waka makes these telling comments:-
I expect and want nothing. It's an honour each week to pay more tax than a minister earns. I've discovered capitalism late in life
Nice to see one who spent so long at the trough, now has to support himself in the expensive real world, taking some personal responsibility and hitting the targets dead centre. Long may it continue!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Hopes of a nation?

The Editor over here suggests that there may be just a dozen NZers that are not interested in the madness that starts full on in about 5 days. For that he says that he may not use the heading 'carries with it the hopes of a nation', but that 'we're all backing the men in black' .

Well here is number thirteen and know there are more. I have never warmed to this and other similar games by professional thugs where people brutually assault and injure each other, reminding me of blood sports. I often wonder where the injuries sustained during such bouts will leave them in later life and how those long term effects will assault my wallet via future ACC taxes.

I personally have been to less live games than I could count one hand and cannot understand the hype over such mob brutality. I do however, as some ratepayers and taxpayers will be wondering very soon, wonder why we are about to pay dearly, for the ensuing largesse of a professional sport.

And the editor is correct, it is a considerable burden, carried all my adult life that I do not show any interest in the purported 'national' game of thuggery. I have been personally vilified, totally ignored socially and for career promotions because of my stated lack of interest . There are far less brutal, no less popular, sports to watch and support.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Food for Thought

Choices for electoral health and voter sanity...

Justice served!