Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Employment dispute resolution

It must be comforting for public servant drones to know that National favours a lancing with a golden handshake. Bugger your rights under existing employment dispute laws.

All the very public trials have found nothing criminal with the suspended Mr Plod who was once touted as the best thing since sliced bread, long groomed for higher stations within the force. Some would say that he has blotted his copybook, but group sex is not illegal in NZ.

The hierarchy continues to desperately look for any excuse, pushing conduct unbecoming as being just cause
to get rid of the festering boil. Joe Public is fast tiring of $250K pa and a new car to boot, whilst on suspension. If there was any just excuse, he would have been long gone.

National is stirring the pot, chasing more points, wants to get rid of the problem quickly, possibly adding another large nail in the red coffin when a potentially large golden handshake occurs on Labours' watch. Great points scorer for the opposition, problem solved before you get the reins.

Now hers indoors reckons
They are politically naive and reckless with public money.

Reckless??? Just remind me who stole $900K from the taxpayer for self preservation?

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