Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Smart choices at the polling box

I too, like NRT here, have been faced with similar choices re who to vote in for Mid Central Health and other would be tyrants on councils I have never met.

As always, there are far easier considerations for my choices - instantly halved the candidates by removing all females - their place in this world is to serve, not in ruining or running my life. Secondly anyone with formal type letters after their name, particularly medical type letters are removed - they are only shiny bums looking to further dine at the trough. Thirdly anyone directly connected with the red or green camps, even ever remotely so joined to a union, teachers, commies or tree hugging, is removed.

The candidate odds are now so severely reduced such that persons who wish for my vote stand out from the crowd. Males such as the self-employed, with some proven business acumen and those who wish to pursue the immediate reduction of bureaucracy in any shape or form and reduction of my taxes win hands down.

Why NRT would bother reading the wishy-washy self-promoting prose from candidates when put on the spot with questions, I don't know. Candidates, once elected always swerve onto the path of profligacy with my hard earnt taxes and their self-serving actions.

Too late now, forever damned, the postie has gone with my limited choices in an envelope and the choices are really easy when you stick to the above rulz...

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