Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another bloody tax!

The minister involved with this piece of madness has been flogging this horse for years. I do not see why I should pay to insure my cars against me hitting other nutters on the road, just because other countries do. I take the risk currently, many years behind the wheel without a ticket speaks for itself.

Why should I be taxed to cover someone else's risk? If nutters want to buy a Flash Harry car, let them pay for the risk.
This exercise is yet just another rapacious tax on my lifestyle.

I suppose the poor unwashed masses will claim yet another benefit to run their cars and ACC will not adjust their ever increasing tax rake to reflect the lowering of the risk, should this madness eventuate. I was under the impression that a massive part of the rego fee carries sort of third party risk - will this tax supercede that? I will bet that insurance companies will not drop their premiums one cent to show any decrease in risk.

Next tax we will have compulsory house and medical insurances. For what? Will the tax intake ever stop or reduce?

This government has lost the plot with their loony climate change policies being a massive tax grab on millenial cyclic occurrences, now they are looking for another something else to distract the masses.

A very big NO to compulsory insurance in any shape or form.

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