Saturday, March 31, 2012

Time to fall back

Remember to put your clocks back.

flogged from Theo Spark

Friday, March 30, 2012

Union stiffs back for another bite of the disappearing cake

The players in the POAL game changed tack this morning and did not front the beak. An eleventh hour deal this morning changed the play somewhat, with removal of the upcoming lockout.

"We're on track now", he [Parsloe] said. "We're going to tell all our blokes that it's back to work."

"We expect bargaining to run very smoothly", she [Kelly] said

As expected, union stiffs are crowing 'victory'. I'd say otherwise. Offers of a collective nature will be once again made, putting POAL management in an excellent position, as ever, an employer acting in good faith, whilst the intransigent union will hang out, as they have in the past long months, for more. Round and round the process goes, the only losers are union stiffs.

the Company is very clear about where we need to take this business, and we will get there

The sooner the MUNZ munters are removed completely from the wharf, the sooner New Zealand can get properly down to the work of getting productivity into our economy. Finishing off what should have been completed in '51. Next stop AFFCO layabouts.

Community Notice: Internet Armageddon July 9th

Thousands of New Zealanders with malware-infected computers may find they are unable to access the internet from July 9, based on a warning issued in Australia.
Check your computer via diagnostic link inside Stuff story.

Seems odd - I'd bet the FBI knows exactly which NZ computers are infected because each machine will be utilising the server about to be shut down for DNS resolution. Similarly ISP's will see the traffic going to the nominated IP address ranges.

Why not directly target those machines via their respective ISP's? After all the technology is proven. The FBI proved recently they were capable of closely scrutinising some computers in Coatesville, NZ from afar.

Employment or not

I see that the union stiffs are to make another stand today in court on their continued (un)employment at POAL. I look forward to today's exercise in futility as another step to their full unemployment.

The time for good faith bargaining is long over. The union has been so obdurate in their ever changing, never ending demands the employer has taken the well overdue action a month ago. Once the legal game expires, maybe the munters at MUNZ will get the message that archaic unions are dead in New Zealand ports.

I also note yesterday's ruckus at Cathy Casey's place of employment on the same matter, trying to put pressure on Lying Len got nowhere. In the first decent thing he's done for Auckland ratepayers, the rowdy rabble were ejected by Mr Plod.

No amount of ratepayer largesse in the courts will repair this toxic workplace. Toxicity caused by an intransigent union hierarchy.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

20% more charisma

We contend that for a nation to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle

If you have ten thousand regulations, you destroy all respect for the law

The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries

- Sir Winston Churchill

As the deluded await a leftward lurch to regain control in 2014, a man who wrote history long ago succinctly evaluates the ship of fools that inhabit the left.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Priorities vs the Phoenix

A phoenix has risen from the ashes of Rugby League Park. In just 100 days, a new amphitheatre has emerged – thanks to the earthquake recovery legislation allowing planners to give the usual circuitous red-tape route the old Israel Dagg body swerve

I always knew there was a reason for that quake recovery legislation. Just so Big Gerry can watch the rugger.

IMHO 100 days of mis-directed effort. The Crusaders would garner more support if the money and effort expended had been for something worthwhile. Like supporting those still looking for housing post quake.

Christchurch residents, are your new homes going up at the same pace and effort? Without the never ending red tape? Never mind, the Fat Controller will sort things before winter gets here. After the game finishes.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Union shafting of POAL continues apace

the port has halted its contracting out process and both parties will re-enter a collective bargaining agreement
The union was off the ropes heading for the deck and now POAL has caved. The bastards now have a toehold. All that pain for zero gain and POAL is now over the barrel.

Unbelievable. No wonder we loiter in the wake of world economies with such useless apologists for management.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Quacks of desperation at Niagara Healthcare -[updates]

Those in the business of "it'll be good for you" healthcare industry are so desperate they've taken to cold calling for customers in Dannevegas all the way from JafaLand. Had the cheek to ask 'Is that Mr X' when she knows full well whom she called. Got nothing but the usual 'What are you selling response?'

The business of quackery must have tight margins these days to require cold calling, but bonus points for calling during business hours. Not like the Tararua District Council ratepayer survey taker that phoned Sunday arvo and was told by her indoors to naff off till Monday. We note she hasn't called back.


Niagara Healthcare ... has since said its representatives never make cold calls

After more of a squiz - seems Niagara has previous form. And uses their only NZ number to cold call - 09 475 0077.


Imagine Auckland without the ability to fund the Rugby World Cup or the Volvo Ocean Race

Yes, Mr Brown, I do imagine such a situation.

Every time I open my rates bill and think 'Is this $2500 well spent?'.

Monday, March 19, 2012

More taxpayer wedge is the cry

there needed to be urgent changes

There needs to be a closer look at housing policies with heating and insulation. There also needs to be better access to GPs and after- hour services

It never stops. Another academic calling for more affirmative action. Read 'more taxpayer money'. Next there will be a GP in every Maori house.

report is being hailed ... as a "very important resource for the health sector"

Nothing about the fickle parenting that ceases at birth. Parents who have already every chance of improving their lot but choose to blow it on booze, dope and gambling with their shocking lifestyle choices.

Yes, some more taxpayer wedge will assuage the white colonial guilt. The demand from the ivory tower never stops.

Friday, March 16, 2012

118 Days...

On 5th August 2011, an ACC manager within the Recover Independence Service
(RIS), during normal communications with an Auckland client, mistakenly included
in an email, a file which contained information about other ACC clients

ACC was notified of the alleged breach on 1 December, when two senior managers met with the recipient of the information
Give or take a day or so, 118 days elapsed between the blackmailer receiving the info and attempting to do something with it.

Wonder who else was shown the info during that 118 days? 118 days not covered in the report.
A media request was received on Friday the 9th March 2012 from the Dominion Post

Then ACC tried to cover the cock-up in house for about 3 months till the Dom Post sprayed the proverbial through the fan.

Wordpress comments not working?

Was over at Ele's Homepaddock yesterday, on the Ides of March post and asked why the Ides is famously on the 15th in some months, on the 13th in others. Still looking for that answer.

No comment shows, although Ele may have deleted it. Seems odd though also that Andrei was having comment issues. Is WP working properly?

Thursday, March 15, 2012

CD Field Days - Big Boys Toys: Updated - Scoop

Went to Central Districts Field Days today.

All those big boys toys to drool over. About $300K would alleviate the immediate itch, like a serious ally boat for fishing, with something decent to tow it. A few other seriously powered toys for the man cave would eat the rest.

Unfortunately getting any past The Cook is near impossible. She's muttered 'over my dead body' and something about an espresso under some bloody tower in Paris before I buy a decent replacement fishing boat.

But hey, dreams are free. And she'd be surprised how quickly she could be in Europe should a boat cross my horizons.


The Fresh Fish guy transitting over the Saddle Road to Palmy around 0900 was definitely having a crap day. 2 cop cars, 1 plainclothes car, a couple of towies trying to extract him from the ditch/bank at the left. Stopped us in our tracks for 20 minutes plus. Must have been dreaming of Field Days and all those big boys toys...

Seems I scooped the crash on the Saddle Road. It finally made the 0830 news a day later when some arse polisher from Mr Plod gets on 92.2 FM and spouts on how we should drive safely on the Saddle Road. Nothing about the defacto State Highway being worse than a goat track unfit for thousands of vehicles a day!

Common sense and natural justice: Your MP's view

Housing NZ has backed down from its demand that a New Plymouth woman pay $3000 towards repairing the state home her husband wrecked in a drugged-up rampage

The local MP, sensing a 'cause celebre', makes the right noises, gets the tenant off paying for the damage caused by a cock-relation, suggesting it is 'common sense and natural justice'. The taxpayer will now pick up the tab.

Housing NZ: "We will not be pursuing damages costs ... have withdrawn our application.

And the hand wringers at HNZ 'apologise for the stress' of attempting to recover a debt for damages owed to the taxpayer. Unbelievable!

Courtesy of your vote seeking MP, tenants now have free reign to damage my property, be they tenants of the taxpayer or private landlord, blaming any damages on third parties.

Ratepayers shafted yet again: Nick Smith where are you?

the best it could be

The bottom line was there was no ideal solution here, so we chose the best one

Dunedin City Council sees fit once again to shaft ratepayers supporting on-paddock thuggery.
NZRU chief executive Steve Tew said it ... could not be done without the help of the council

Remind me how many millions the international arm of this game stripped out of New Zealand last year. And the local rugby sharks have the gall to ask ratepayers to pay. Should have been put to the wall.

Nick Smith, if you're keen on making your mark in local government financials, here's your chance.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Only 55 to go?

The species will become extinct if more than one dolphin dies every five to seven years

there are only 55 adult animals remaining

Good, not many to go. Then I'll be able to use my set-net without restriction.

"baseless and unethical"

it was ''unethical for health practitioners to treat patients using homeopathy, for the reason that homeopathy (as a medicine or procedure) has been shown not to be efficacious''

"ultra-dilutions" ... no more efficacious than a placebo

homeopaths had used crushed-up pieces of the Berlin Wall to treat depression

Once again, homeopathic alternatives make headlines as the dingos across the ditch are set to make a formal statement of quackery.

"the man who saved New Zealand rugby"

he was an "outstanding New Zealander, instrumental in bringing RWC2011 to New Zealand"

A twattering from the greatest living New Zealander.

Yes, I and many other JAFA ratepayers. will always think of Mr Hobbs. Every quarter when I open my rates bill and see the impost being extorted in the name of "RWC 2011".

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tui Time: MS suggests an upgrade with benefits!

a lot of internet chatter lately about the benefits of upgrading from Vista to Windows 7

Moving from any of the other 6 versions of Vista might be an upgrade for some, but for Vista Ultimate users, Windows 7 remains an impossible to justify downgrade. Upgrade to get the latest yet to be proven version of a crap browser? When you're using anything but whatever version of Internet Explorer, no amount of hard sell Internet chatter by MS marketing tossers will get me to change.

it seems many Vista users are more than keen to move away from their underperforming and widely panned incarnation of Windows

Personally, with Vista Ultimate, I have not had the issues that users of lesser versions appear to have experienced and will not be downgrading anytime soon to Windows 7. Actually, if my customers were not wedded to crap MS products, a Linux platform is my personal choice.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Now you're talking National

The Government is set to introduce sweeping reforms to curb local council powers and get soaring debt levels down

"power of general competence" ... was "fundamentally re-evaluating that structure"

Finally, possibly some respite from the odious 'power of general competence'. The Nats are finally on track. Actively onto the benefit bludgers and recently, the sinecures of overseas diplomatic postings for ex-MPs. Now onto the hell holes of clip board wielding socialists and assorted ticket clippers.

The Nats are doing something positive, having wasted almost four years.

will pare back the scope of local government functions so they will only have control of essential local services such as waste, water, roads, libraries and consents

Mind you, the Nats will not get my vote till I see a massive reduction in my rates bill. A bill that increased 40% last year for zero gain.

Taxpayer dollars at work: The bare facts

Two University of Auckland psychology lecturers are conducting a nationwide online survey of 18 to 35-year-olds to find out what people think about, and do with, their body hair

Another 'academic' living large on the taxpayer dollar.
hit upon the idea when she was at a conference in Germany

After having been bored at an overseas junket, now waxing lyrical about the survey she and her offsider have taken it upon themselves to conduct for the betterment of the metro 'femi-men' that infest our society today.

IMHO, real men do not shave any areas below the neckline. Otherwise you might end up being feminised like this raving great ponce role model that is often paraded before our kids.

Friday, March 09, 2012

Left swallowing a bitter pill

Auckland’s Labour Mayor has very publicly elected to “pass by on the other side”

Card Carrying Union Man

"... Len Brown: scab, coward"

any group of 300 workers and their families can be f**ked over using the justification “its for the greater good, really it is”

The Stranded

"Mayor Scab Brown"

It will reap a bitter harvest for Brown

Bombs Away

Nothing more delicious than watching the implosion as the left splits into various factions whilst turning on one of their own.

Indeed, a bitter pill. One that can only further fracture any support that the left has in New Zealand. The disgust seething within the left factions has shown a level of vitriol far exceeding that reserved for their mortal enemy the Right. They have their sacrificial lamb at present, but the Labour Party leader "Caspar" Shearer is right in there as scapegoat #2.

Key's third term at the helm is guaranteed, although for another story, he has issues like pandering to racist separatists that must be dealt with.

Thursday, March 08, 2012

Quote of the Day: "Greed isn't good"

The union pushed it too hard for too long. They should have argued for a decrease in wages for their members with no other conditions changed. Such a good faith gesture would surely have resulted in them not losing their jobs.

Greed isn’t good. I would have hoped a union would know this.

A commenter summing up yesterday's action at Ports of Auckland - a quote to remember.

Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Excellent news!

292 port workers ... have been sacked by Ports of Auckland

Finally some movement. Mr Parsloe is now officially unemployed. Anyway, as a union organiser, I do wonder whether he was ever productively employed.

Now for a competitive rehire without the unionised.

Excellent news! Long overdue cracking this union.

"What's yours is mine..."

Christchurch's mayor ... calling Bishop Victoria Matthews "the guardian of a building which belongs to all of us".

As always, the bureaucrat's view. Property rights mean nothing.

I actually answer to my God, I answer to my standing committee, I answer to Church Property Trust, I answer to the people of the diocese

Actually the good Bishop tells it like it is. Stick to your guns girl.

"What's yours is mine..."

Get the bulldozers out and level the site.

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Pseudoscientific Quackery: "just not scientific enough"

Homeopathy, iridology, reflexology, kinesiology, healing touch therapy, aromatherapy and energy medicine

Pseudoscientific courses sully the genuinely scientific courses and research conducted at the same institution

For someone used to proper medical delivery methods, such as 'take two aspirin and sod off', the above methods will always remain pure snakeoil.
scientists and students should be concerned by any retreat from the primacy of experimental, evidence-based approach in science and medicine.

Academics at these institutions need to stand up for science.

More here on the quackery that emanates from our tertiary institutions.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Friday, March 02, 2012

What does it take?

two months' home detention and 250 hours' community work, with Jude [sic] James Weir giving her a final warning that prison would be next

Fresh from seeing the esteemed judge giving a derisory sentence to the Turangi rapist, we see another beak doling out home detention rather than the preferred option of incarceration.

Te Runa went to a local New World supermarket 13 times - 18 charges of fraudulently using a ham and chicken luncheon barcode to gain a pecuniary advantage

had 46 previous convictions for shoplifting

had 76 previous convictions for dishonesty
What will it take for the easily swayed do-gooders on the benches to actually lock up these criminals?
lawyer Annette Sykes said all the items Te Runa had taken from New World were to support a child

pleaded with the judge to be merciful as a jail term would "push her over the edge"

A bleeding heart pleading "be merciful", "supporting a child makes it all OK". For those aid and abet such proven criminal scum, aiming to get a soft sentence, I would hope there is a special place in hell reserved for them.

Peeping Tom: "over my dead body"

Christchurch city councillor Aaron Keown said the cathedral would be demolished "over my dead body"

I don't mind making new history, but not when it's not necessary...

it was in "good shape"

Glib words from your Councillor supporting something that should have had the wrecking ball through it a year ago.
Forget Lucy Lawless' little eight-person campaign, this would be a big one

As always, an elected representative vowing to prolong the process, possibly with criminal action, irrespective of the cost.

Must be a mayoral hopeful, representing not you the taxpayer, but himself whilst looking for votes.

ps For you pervs looking for the peeping tom link - see here.