Saturday, July 29, 2023

Political careers cease circling the drain

was "calm" but his "number one concern" was Allan's wellbeing

We went into action to make sure her wellbeing was first and foremost

What a load of tosh!  A blatant attempt continuing the cover-up this time with feigned empathy via a junior minister.

The only worry Hipkins upon receiving that late at night phone call would be 'How do I stop this?' as his career changed from circling to going down the drain.

You can apply all the whitewash you like Mr C. Hipkins for your final days in politics are being severely curtailed by the actions of others.

Just a few short weeks to go!

Friday, July 28, 2023

Selling her soul to eat humble pie

 It's a club we'd have to sell our soul to join

I guess when the Asian dragon from Peking visits the benign Pacific in the not so distant future with malicious intent Mahuta might be consuming humble pie.  A lot of it when she goes looking for strategic support.

We live in a world positively swimming in solar / nuclear radiation and to ignore that part of the physical world is real stone-age thinking.

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

“something systemic going on”

Today one recently green but now independent by her own hand MP opines:

“something systemic going on”

Damned right! 

From where I sit it certainly looks that way from the whining coming out of the beltway today.

It appears that every queer in the country has gravitated to swimming in the political trough.  And look to continue their overpaid soujorns on the taxpayer dime.

Now that's not very representative of real New Zealanders at large.   Maybe so in the mythical country of rtrower but certainly not in New Zealand.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Blood sports on the beltway

Oh, the hypocrisy!

Hipkins, speaking on RNZ this morning, said it wasn’t appropriate for Ake to be making such comments publicly

Willing to call that one out but not willing to address the elephant in the room.

For years we've been lectured about the evils of drink driving and its often tragic consequences.

A Cabinet Minister can drive hammered around Wellington after being on the turps, crashes a taxpayer owned car into some other suckers wagon (some say it may have been a revenge attack) absolutely wrecking both vehicles.  

No, not one of Labour's pollies has dared to mention driving under the influence.  Every other excuse so far to whitewash the event, no personal responsibility taken.  Just imagine if she had killed someone.

Panem et circenses.  I do love blood sports on the beltway.  More popcorn!

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Obviously wrong question!

If Winston is the answer, the question is obviously wrong.  Today he's talking up his options that he's up for working with Labour-Lite wets.

No is the only answer. Never ever to be again trusted.  He's had many chances over his 30 year career of stiffing the electorate in the voting hurdles but never delivering the promised goods.  By his deeds you shall know him.

In my opinion he will forever remembered as the enabler in 2017 of the most racist economy-wrecking government New Zealand has ever experienced.

But watch Luxon go grovelling when his world does not cross the finish line.

A new type of colonialism?

Spotted in this morning's quick perusal of the dross being fed to us as news fit for print.  You know, the MSM's continued attempted rehabilation of the murdering perp that slotted two of his workmates in cold blood.

I see the newest definition for colonialism is 'generational anger'.  The perp is being prepped by the hour as a victim, even with all those 59 priors on his extensive rap sheet.

Nothing on those others murdered yet, but the perp was such 'good' boy. Hell, they've even found a picture of him in white with the requisite piece of green plastic on show out the front.  

Has that dudge who gave him home detention resigned yet?  Probably not, but his retiring gong is hopefully being fast tracked for the next round of backscratchers awards.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Having a lend # 876234

In the latest council missive local rag was delivered yesterday into my rural mailbox, a piece of newsprint funded via council advertorials usually copied straight off $tuffed and The Ferald.  

As always expected, the Far North District Council will not be reducing my rates any time soon.  

The feather bedding at the trough of culture continues apace with yet more diversity hires.

FNDC topping the bill with 48 new people to now have 391 staff

A 15% increase in staff along with the rates take increasing another 5% or more, this year cracking $100M.  And the recently elected Mayor is handsomesomely rewarded with an increase to $163K pa.

For what you may well ask?  Local roads are dire, slipping into the sea, creeks and waterways as the potholes breed exponentially and slips increase in size.  Zero low-cost maintenance on culverts and drains in recent times now bites hard.  All whilst ratepayers await the next minor rain event to see which local roads might slip out from under and are forever closed.

And speed lowering signs recently erected in 12-18" of clay in a waterlogged roadside drain fall over at the next minor wind event two days later.  Purportedly to slow traffic rather than repair the roads any time soon.

Maybe this?

NRC chairwoman Tui Shortland said her council’s 10.48 per cent rates increase averaged $45.95 annually, or less than a dollar a week. The rates increase would go towards areas including building Te Tiriti capability, two new Māori relationships staff, increased non-elected member payment to attract and retain hapū and iwi expertise

Or this in other recent news via another agency well versed in the arts of wasting taxpayers funds?

Kawakawa will be flushed with pride as the Northland town’s iconic Hundertwasser toilets have officially been recognised as a historical site.

The quirky loos are the only existing, standalone public toilets to be listed as a Category 1 historic place by Heritage NZ Pouhere Taonga.

All whilst State Highway 1 has been closed more than being open in the past 5 years.

But rest assured, the feelz of the new diversity hires will overshadow the need to repair the rural road lifelines to towns, shops and health providers anytime soon.  

You will pay!

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Labour has a bridge for sale

Hipkins says he has received the “message” provided by voters in a poll

So says Dear Leader as he hobnobs around Europe on the taxpayer dime.  Enjoying their summer whilst real New Zealanders continue to suffer in the depths of a wet cold winter.

It is an indication that New Zealanders don't feel like we've been focused on the issues that they want us to be focused on

So we will see immediate action on things like firing wayward, incompetent, bullying ministers?  

And stopping the apartheid coup in progress via co-governance with a dash of brownmail?  All emanating from some who have views that all their issues lie in perptual victimhood and colonisation.

Then maybe he could focus on some real issues like inflation, government spending, housing and repairing the pot-holed roads to being fit for purpose.

I thought not!  

No, however he does have many bridges for sale whilst he seeks your vote.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

So much for a "benign strategic environment"

To those in the Antipodes, H1 infamously suggested a little less than a quarter of a century ago that the little islands at the bottom of the Pacific existed in a "benign strategic environment".

As her government continued to gut the defence capabilities of the Armed Forces in New Zealand via diversity, rainbows, unicorns and the wonderfulness of all things maori.  Particulary hit hard was the Air Force with its strike wing being excised.

This Labour government continued the slide into the abyss of not playing our part in regional defence matters whilst kowtowing to the dragon resident in the Pacific northwest.  Such that our partners in defence have abandoned us from long-held previous alliances as they transparently say the Asian tiger is not to be trusted at any level.  

"The future looks grim" is today's evaluation.  That same dragon is vying to be head honcho in regional strategic matters in the whole Pacific. Like many smaller countries in the region it is only a matter of time before New Zealand too sells its soul for the Yuan to the dragon.  Canada too is well on the way to dealing with the devil.

At least Australia Japan, the Phillipines and the Yanks continue to support old alliances along with regional defence.

Saturday, July 01, 2023

Been there, seen that movie.

More video has emerged of the Auckland Harbour Bridge clip-on lanes swaying as people walk on them

Poor snowflakes, a real life experience.  Been there, seen that for real in a car.  

More than a few decades ago, I had the misfortune to be heading southward across the same bridge on the outer clip-on three or four behind a high sided furniture truck that tried to lurch sideways off the bridge just short of the crest.  A half decent gust (normal for Jafaland weather, not a climate change induced extreme) from the south west caught the truck, knocked it flat and nearly succeeded in launching it over the guard rail.  About 170 feet to water below.  Note quite dead ants but so close.

The areas around those arches were well known to those who travelled the bridge daily as an area that produces serious vortexes and eddies.  In later times, crossing on a 90cc Suzuki daily taught one to be even more careful.

Needless to say as emergency services arrived some considerable time was spent stopped in the traffic observing the ever changing large gap between the clip-ons (steel deck on steel legs on rollers at piers - can move considerably) and the original concrete deck (solidly fixed to Northcote Point just at the start of the main arch works).  Being in a stopped vehicle induced a sea sickness like feeling during the solid but normal gusts.  For expansion and wind gusts, the clip-ons are separated and do move independently to the original four lanes.