Thursday, August 03, 2023

Goodbye fence sitting Labour-Lite

resolute refusal to rule out WWW (Working With Winston) risks making him look impotent if National’s only real path to power – Seymour – has made the move for him

move puts National’s king into check

A fence paling is firmly jabbed into the prime fence-sitter, one Mr C. Luxon.  His party on recent histories is given to having a bob each way looking continue managing Labour policies whilst not making any real change.

Winnie has as usual seen the openings and already lists the bare minimum of what needs to be done.  But as we've always seen with Winston he is never to be again trusted.  

A caveat, Mr. Seymour your party will get but one chance to be the agent for effective change, ultimately ridding this New Zealand of separatist apartheid bureaucracies along with reigning in criminal elements such as gangs and other grifters firmly slurping from the trough of victimhood.