Friday, May 27, 2022

You only had one job

Department of Corrections blames the size of the organisation and the busy nature of prisons for misconduct allegations being missed

Trouble is, like the Minister of Plod, too busy to do their only job.

And in other news, the colonised in Kaikohe think that a street march will stop rampant gang crims in their all-out turf war.  Meanwhile the citizens of their ilk continue to condone gang scum.  Yeah, right!

Meanwhile our illustrious leader who is overseas on an extended jolly doesn't miss the US tragedy selling arms control to the world via talk shows, all while JafaLand gangs continue to shoot at each other in their daily pursuits of turf and criminal action.

Monday, May 23, 2022

Life in a pinless vacuum

The only climate battles were strategic quiet shots in the inner city Teal Seats between the Gucci wives and the Liberals who said “me too”. None of this played out in public and won the Liberals a single vote in battler-land.

Thus the Liberals ran chicken down the left lane on the freeway — in the same direction as the climate bully bandwagon — because they thought that the media wouldn’t hit them as hard, and it was true — but that didn’t help at all. It’s in the hate filled fantasy rants of ideology when the winning “Deplorable” moments occur. The smug lefty zeal looks ugly to the public, but it was never exposed. The punters didn’t get reminded of the elitist disdain for their electricity bills. Extremists didn’t glue themselves to footpaths or dance naked in the street shrieking. This was not an ugly vitriolic election, it was a nothing campaign. But that just left a pinless vacuum the green fantasy balloon grew to fill.

The whole climate facade is built on feel-good branding and fashion, and the Libs just joined the advertising — as Matt Canavan says – we effectively legitimized the green agenda when we signed up for Net Zero.

 From the esteemed JoNova.

A pinless vacuum indeed.  The same vacuum present here as te lingo Luxon and Act fail to tell the electorate what they really think of the climate scam.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

A warning for LabourLite

The blood is flowing freely across the ditch in Oz.  Scotty from Marketing Liberals have been routed, independents are in en-masse and Albo the last man standing sneaks in as newly minted PM.

Some are really pissed.  Resident loud-mouth cockatoo Barnaby unleashes:

“So it’s almost a sense of, if you vote Labor you’ll vote and stick there, and we know you will because of party discipline. If you vote Nationals or Liberals you’ll vote and stick there. And then, ‘We have a right in the middle to go whichever way we want whenever we like.’ That is just so, so selfish.”

Seems the voters have had enough of fence sitters from the long-standing two party system.  They want real change and representation for their community, not career pollies looking after themselves in Canberra troughs.

In New Zealand, LabourLite would do well to heed this result.  Here we cannot distinguish between the separatist racists in the current government tossing democracy aside for rampant apartheid with copious servings of nepotism garnished with corruption and the new kid on the block, te reo Luxon.  The two parties are on the same fence, with the same offerings of zero change.