Tuesday, January 28, 2020

MAGA: 235 days to go

Ardern has announced the general election will be held on September 19

235 days till New Zealand gets rid of this corrupt and incompetent Coalition of Losers.

Now watch the election pork really roll out.  Winston 1st will be splashing the cash with the balance of the pork for votes fund. 

Bribes for all!  Maybe even koha for those would be voters like the rabble at the South Auckland stonefields.  Promise the student rabble heaps for their new votes along with freebies for all indolent welfarists.  Continue to shaft middle New Zealand taxpayers.

Tomorrow morning the Government reveals where it plans to spend $12 billion of new infrastructure funding

Already trying to outdo Labour's previous $600M economy wrecker of purchasing NZ Rail from Toll, a $12B hole has been created as you read this.  Makes Mr Joyce's promised $11B hole look tame.

Remember, only 235 days to Make Ardern Go Away!

Thursday, January 02, 2020

"the world is warming" ... 3-2-1!

Icy white glaciers on New Zealand's South Island have turned a concerning shade of caramel as a result of the bushfires burning in New South Wales and Victoria

No doubt the warmists amongst us that infest Ey-Oh-Tea-A-Rower will claim "climate change" or something similiar as the root cause.

I'd say that shade of caramel this year will accelerate the demise of NZ's snowpack and glaciers.  Wonder for how many eons that's been happening?

ps. I see the She-Beast that destroyed the Land of the Long White Cloud from a previous eon manages to get air-time in the same article.