Wednesday, December 04, 2019

Get over yourselves, it's a cartoon!

The easily offended are out in droves today.

He responded to criticism in 2013, writing: "There have been other hostile reaction to cartoons over the years, most often from special interest groups, race relations conciliators and other martyrs to political correctness." 

Tremain got it right the last time.

Please convince me...

Ngati Whatua Orakei has long harboured an ambition to ... our former land and Waitemata seabed ...

... master plan for the reclaimed land currently occupied by the Ports of Auckland

It would seem that some wish for first dibs on the soon to be ex-port land if Winston First's vote buying exercise comes to fruition.  No doubt as in the picture accompanying the pay-walled article, to build chiefly accommodations for the tribal elite.

Please convince me why should these modern day would-be thieves should have any rights to the soon to be redundant port area.  Other than their possibly BFF Shane has a wad of taxpayer cash that needs to be homed before next year's election.

An area where Point Britomart was probably levelled into those reclamations.  The same re-claimed land that what was probably muddy sea bed of dubious qualities pre-1840 or so, rather than the 21st century now prime seashore frontage. 

No doubt the good city burghers of the day designated and acquired adjacent hard foreshore areas with a fair price from the local owners, be it beads and blankets or a few shillings more and subsequently paid for by the taxpayers of the day.

Go on, convince me why should these would-be thieves have rights above that of the current owners, Jafaland taxpayers?