Tuesday, December 12, 2023

Right on target and a new title!

By filing an urgent tribunal case it will ensure the law is followed, and a gentle reminder, it is a law for everyone, including the purveyors of hegemony

The government is right over the target as more ferals are climbing over themselves to complain whilst screaming as their troughs are drained.  The flak is heavy only two and a bit weeks into the regime change campaign.  Unfortunately I do wonder if Luxon the Wet has sufficient spine to front the Waitangi festival of whingers and mudslingers early next year.

I'd heard the word, but had to look it up.  That's a new one for me - 'purveyors of hegemony'.

But as always the threat of violence remains in their messaging - 'a gentle reminder'.  An ever present undertone of something along the lines of 'hold my beer, it would be a shame if something were to happen to your brand of democracy'.

And as if to prove the point, yesterday the extinction rebellion aligned henchmen had an outing at the National Museum of New Zealand, damaging the English version of the Treaty.  All while staff and Mr Plod watched on without action.

Monday, December 11, 2023

Witnessing opening shots in a new civil war in New Zealand

Article the first:

The Chiefs of the Confederation of the United Tribes of New Zealand and the separate and independent Chiefs who have not become members of the Confederation cede to Her Majesty the Queen of England absolutely and without reservation all the rights and powers of Sovereignty which the said Confederation or Individual Chiefs respectively exercise or possess, or may be supposed to exercise or to possess over their respective Territories as the sole sovereigns thereof.


Some would have you believe that the Treaty Of Waitangi Article The First did not cede sovereignity and have defaced the English version of the Treaty display at Te Papa.  

Protesters have climbed an exhibit at Te Papa Museum in Wellington and defaced the English translation of Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

The group, Te Waka Hourua, entered the museum around midday on Monday, making their way to level four, where they used spray paint and a power tool to damage the exhibit.

We have just witnessed the opening salvo of a new civil war.  Also in other news the rogue tribunal at Waitangi says Ngapuhi sovereignity was never ceded.

Bring it on.  A discussion long overdue.

Saturday, December 09, 2023

Auckland 's Mayor Brown stands up for your property rights. No!

Auckland's Council and Mayor Brown are seen to be desparate to climb all over your property rights. Seems he wishes to have open access for Joe Public across the waterfront house's front yard at no cost.  No respect of the owner's rights to peaceable enjoyment.  

Brown said it felt like the owners were trying to hold the council to “ransom” and he didn’t approve of their behaviour

The new owner rightly says no.

The previous owner had apparently allowed Joe Public to cross their front yard as it forms part of the Milford-Takapuna walk and there was a bridge (on his land) to facilate the crossing at the water's edge. That bridge disappeared into the tide a decade ago and is not being replaced.

A side note:  

clients would have to stump up $100,000 plus to try to have the listing removed, leading consultants to have a “feast” on the fees

$100+K for some consultant crat to pronounce the heritage values or not of the house on the foreshore? No guarantees given upon payment with the application, but you'd could safely wager the outcome to be in the council's favour as the the consultant would be firmly on the council's list of 'preferred' operatives.  

No wonder the current owner is digging in.

Monday, December 04, 2023

Climate do-gooders are given a dose of reality.

There is 'no science' behind phasing out fossil fuels and the policy will take the world 'back to caves'

I'd bet the hypocrites attending the current so called climate conference and other hangers on to the climate scams that abound will be extremely upset by the above statement from their leader.

Yep, that should do it.

Friday, November 24, 2023

No summer recess?

The coalition parties have agreed to extensive changes to the place of Te Tiriti o Waitangi, including removing references to its "principles" from legislation 

The promised 100 day counter is running from this morning.  The newly crowned have ditched the referendum with the above purposeful statement.

Yes, I and no doubt many others are watching. Not a good start, should start with referring to government departmental ministerial allocations using only English names.  A lot of work to do, with one chance.  Prime fence sitters in the Nats will have deep pockets and resist all attempts at change as sought via ACT and Winston First.  By their deeds we shall know them.

Now we await the feral left and associated enablers like gangs, those pushing co-governance attempt to complete the destruction of New Zealand as their troughs are drained and removed.

Sunday, November 19, 2023

Removing the 'I' from 'team'

Former senior minister Nanaia Mahuta said she carried her landmark Three Waters without the support of key senior ministers.

Speaking to TVNZ’s Q+A with Jack Tame, Mahuta said she could have had more support from senior ministers.

“Could I have got more support from a broader range of senior ministers during the time of promoting those reforms - absolutely,” Mahuta said.

Mahuta implied she carried the reforms alone.

There is no 'I' in 'team'.

Thank God the New Zealand voter saw fit to cauterise her brand of extremely divisive apartheid hidden from view as the 'new' democracy.  Some other enablers remain in office hanging by a thread but should be lanced and excised.

Unfortunately, much legislation re 3/10 Waters has been passed under urgency in the cover of darkness without consultation and thus has not been subject to full legal sunlight.  Should the left ever get the levers of power again, be assured this brand of ratchet socialism will be quickly resurrected and executed.  Along with capital and wealth taxes.

Sunday, November 12, 2023

Border security 101

Prime Minister Netanyahu on the day after:

"The Gaza Strip will be demilitarized, as long as necessary - the IDF will continue to control the security of the Gaza Strip in order to prevent terrorism from it.

The October 7th massacre proved once and for all that wherever there is no security control, terrorism comes back and hits us, and this was also proven in the United States, so I will not agree to give up security control under any circumstances."

The IDF north and south divisions are close to meeting along the coastal fringes of northern Gaza.  Bibi is about to ring-fence the Hamas terrorists.  Game over.

via Amir Tsarfati here

Sunday, November 05, 2023

It's dead. Move on!

A big fish has carked it on a beach near the village of the damned.  And we see all the usual suspects on site.   Bloody do-gooders by the dozen abound, all milling around on the taxpayer dime.

The locals are discussing how to move the now rotting carcass.   Apparently 30 tonnes is too much for a couple of decent sized diggers.  Really?  Put a chainsaw through the middle.  It's dead FFS.  Weight problem solved.  Same way an ex-zoo elephant or hippo might be handled.

Local savages will have sharpened and warmed up their chainsaws already for removing the lower jaw during the hours of darkness.  Apparently it's somewhere in that treaty for the harvest of such treasures.   Not a spectator sport for the faint hearted. I also note there are no issues mentioned of disturbing ancient bones or other soon to be extinct fauna and flora when digging such a large hole in the sandpit.  Obviously appropriate taxpayer coin has been remitted to quickly remedy such issues. 

Why move it at all?   Leave it on the beach to explode and rot away giving the seagulls from the local tip a change of diet.  Sandlice and blowies will cleanup what's left.  Can't have that!  Some sensibilities may be offended.  Might be a better smell than the stinking local council compost heap.

Friday, November 03, 2023

Luxon loses sure thing.

Welcome to your worst nightmare.  The official election results are in.

Luxon was on for a safe win as Kiwis wanted change.  By remaining firmly on the fence, he has allowed the party of outright racists gain control with six seats and he now needs to horse trade with the rodeo master.  Meanwhile the green loons picked up another seat.

Australia looks to be a better option.

God help New Zealand!  What is wrong with New Zealand voters?

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Own goal!

Seems that a red-on-red own goal was scored on a Gazan hospital.  They hit their own ammo dump under the hospital with devastating but predictable results.

Was reading the only other day about their Qassam rocket range.  Design is basic as hell.  Made from dug up water pipes or similar, filled with fertiliser and a detonator, some more fert for fuel, capped (pointy at one end) and painted in Tehran green with appropriate slogans.  Then fired in bulk on rails pointed generally toward their perceived oppressors, the Jews.

Seems that the only flight controls consist of some stubby wings.  Interestingly, I noted that the missiles have zero on board guidance systems and also the the exhaust ports are small holes drilled in the base plate cap.  No effort is made to rotate the rocket for in-flight directional stability as would be normal via port canting.  So if a fuel blockage occurs in one of those drilled holes, the result is an errant rocket when ignited.  Same result if the control surface wing detaches post-launch in-flight.

It's a numbers game - fire enough in the general direction, you'll hit something.  Not this time though so they have tried to blame Israel who wasn't conducting ops in that sector.

Tuesday, October 17, 2023

97 days to go ...

Mr Insipid promised scorched earth as one of his bottom lines during his lacklustre campaign.   On offer was "In the first 100 days I'll do this and that, repeal this and that ...".

Well the nation spoke and has delivered Winston First almost in the mix.  So we wait to form a government nigh on 3 weeks to see the final results of specials.  And if that doesn't fall rightward, Labour-Lite will require another 3-4 weeks to see the outcome of the upcoming bye-election with its own waiting period for specials.  Meanwhile the long untrusted Winnie lurks sniping from the sidelines to see if the new rodeo ringmaster might cut an early deal.

So potentially we're well into December with Christmas holidays looming large.  Once they get around to actually forming a government, it could well be into February next year, a 5 month holiday fully on the taxpayer's dime.  All under the outgoing but 'caretaker' government.

Once sworn in, the new crew will require another month to settle in via a stint at some re-education gulag to be formally 'Maorified'.  Now into March and school hols / Easter.

There won't be any of the promised first 100 days post-election left.  

The promises of quick action was all lies.

Sunday, October 15, 2023

Greenie threatens violence over upcoming treaty discussions

ACT's bottom line for a long overdue conversation amongst adults.  One without the screaming skulls yelling "Racist" to those whom might dare to inquire / discuss regarding such constitutional matters.  (Are you listening, Mr newly minted leader? )

Matters which should have been openly and transparently discussed under the previous governments but were well hidden from view and implemented under the cover of urgency.  The 1975-ish rogue ToW that requires intense scrutiny along with the enablers. 

Seymour has campaigned on ending co-governance and a radical re-think of the Treaty of Waitangi, which he thinks should go to the country in a referendum. “It’s something that I think has to happen for New Zealand"

And right on cue, the Greens leader makes threats for unrest.

If that happens, you will see wide scale social disruption - it could lead to violence

As expected, a screaming skull threatens the bash if this third rail is touched.  "Once were warriors" - it is strong in their genes.

Te Pāti Māori president John Tamihere, also speaking on the Tova podcast, warned of civil disobedience which could shut down cities and major centres if a referendum on the Treaty went ahead.

“You don't unwind 30 years of hard won incremental treaty jurisprudence overnight with a tyranny of the majority,” he said.

“There will be significant civil unrest and we don't, nor should, any leader take us down that track.”

If Māori were backed into a corner on the issue they would have to resort to protest, he said.

“That protest will be significant, as it should be ... there will be days of national Māori action and they'll close down Whangarei, Auckland, Tauranga, Hamilton, Wellington.”

Thought that would be the reaction.  Bring it on!

Saturday, October 07, 2023

Can't see Cuddles Coster doing this

Would we see any such real enforcement here in New Zealand?

No!  Instead we get our Prime Minister cowering under a floor mat intoning apologies for votes.  We get the Zaouis of the world, 'fakugees' via Manus Islands and the lockdown breaking likes of the MP for Tijuana.  And then we give them endless welfare whilst our economy spirals into the dunny.

I look forward to seeing a few 'Dawn Raid' type reports emanating from Pakistan in a month or so.

via Theo Spark

Friday, October 06, 2023

Luxon shifts onto another fence

National Party leader Christopher Luxon has promised to fast track investment in offshore wind farms during a visit to Taranaki 

Luxon confirms Labour-Lite's commitment to the climate change scam.

Currently locals will not entertain any seabed extractive processes such as mineral, oil and gas exploration/drilling in any shape or form in the area.  Also I would suspect that any adjacent feral mongrels of taniwha will be bribed with truckloads of taxpayer cash for that project to start interfering with the seabed.  And many more truckloads during the project, along mandatory opening fees etc. as well as copious ongoing payments post-completion.  All to assuage post-colonial guilt.

So much for getting Luxon off the fence.  He's jumped back onto another.  Will not be getting my vote.

Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Luxon removes fence post

Luxon described the referendum on the Treaty as "divisive" and said he would not support it

Finally, Luxon gets off the fence.  The 'Hold my beer ...' moment of this campaign. Watch the vote for Labour-Lite tank.

Luxon was more open to a referendum on whether to change the name of the country to Aotearoa New Zealand

Get the popcorn in as ACT becomes party number two in New Zealand and both will have to deal with the great charlatan at number four to change the government.

National in being not willing to fully excise race based legislation of unproven provenance offers nothing but Labour policies in a shade of teal.

Luxon proves my long-forseen vote of choice for this election is on track.

Monday, September 25, 2023

Unimpressive offerings

Electoral punters continue to show their disgust at what's on offer.  Another poll today shows that the desire for change is falling.

Main player for a change of government, the ever insipid Luxon, is still not willing to move off the centre fence.  Seymour appears to be on target as he is attracting flak from rabid lefties who are trying to portray him as racist.  Unfortunately both are ever ready to flip-flop like will-of-the-wisps to suit the occasion.

The outcome shows in the polls, with the great charlatan now showing as being a third player.  Beware, as noted elsewhere his past deeds confirm that he is never to be trusted.

The dross of the small sub 5% parties remain a place to waste your vote.  Fortunately that at present includes the thoroughly racist offering.

And the MSM with 30 pieces of silver still warm in their purses suggest maybe better the devil you know as does the current poll.  They want a coalition of chaos of Greens and Labour to continue the economy wrecking trajectory.

God help New Zealand.

Sunday, September 24, 2023

NZ Loyal candidate trying for another trough

The NZ Loyal offering for Northland comes with a past history.

One Michael Feyen.   Managed to become the Mayor of Horowhenua a decade or so ago.  If I remember correctly it was a very contentious term.

Now tilting at another trough via Liz Gunn''s party.

Monday, September 18, 2023

The scab is lifted.

ACT finally lifted the scab yesterday exposing for all to see the festering sore of apartheid, racist ridden co-governance just below surface.

One that Mr Batchelor with which has been vilified for weeks.  The one that Luxon and co keep ignoring at their peril. 

ACT has just confirmed my vote for this election.

Saturday, September 16, 2023

Time, Birthing People!

Addressing historical pay inequities for our midwives is a key priority for this government, and I am extremely pleased this proposed settlement has been agreed with the unions

This is your Captain speaking.  "Final offers are on the table".

The birthing peoples get their Last Call before the next government is birthed.

Meanwhile the Association of Quacks and Witch-doctors remain ever hopeful this over-done government will spray the loot before passing.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Great news!

result suggests a clear defeat for Prime

Yesterday's Curia local poll result is sweet music to my ears.  The Labour MP appears to be a goner. Like most Labour MPs she has proven to be an ineffective leech upon productive taxpayers.  Just like that woman who disappeared for greener pastures without notice earlier this year, birthing is the only notable claim to fame during her tenure.  Was only ever seen on maraes where her adoring fan base paid homage.

The same poll shows that NZ First's "Tugger" Jones has blown his chances as is the offering for the party of racists.

Unfortunately it appears that most voters have turned toward the insipid Luxon of Labour-Lite, not ACT.  Still combined if the poll is to be believed, such a result will keep any minor parties from splitting the vote that could possibly allow the likes of Prime another slurp in the trough of Maori wonderfulness.

Great news!

Friday, September 08, 2023

Labour continues bold, in your face lies

With 300 more cops we would increase the frontline by 2100 officers since we came into office

This was proven to be an outright lie a few short weeks ago.  The 1800 supposedly previously stated as being added didn't even cover the attrition to date.  Nearly 300 were for back office bureaucrats.

But hey, Hipkins continues the lie to all for votes.  

And Joe Public knows this as ram raids, shootings via gangs running the shop continue.

Thursday, September 07, 2023

National - yet more WTF???

National leader Christopher Luxon is promising to spend $257 million to build 10,000 EV chargers

Really?  Labour-Lite proves it is fully wedded to the climate change scam along with EV's.

It is willing to waste yet more taxpayer coin providing an over priced network of un-needed chargers.  Let the users of such vehicles pay for the distribution network.

Imagine the outcry if the providers of ICE fuels such as petrol and diesel expected the taxpayer to stump up taxpayer hard-earnt coin for a new distribution chain of service stations.

And yet more WTF? for Labour-Lite.

the launch of Te Ohu Whakawhanaunga Tāmaki Makaurau, a new civil society alliance, each leader was asked to commit to regular meetings with this alliance and to build at least 1000 new state houses in Auckland each year

In other news, the soon to be unemployed pollies and their associated hangers-on have created a new source of funding to wallow in post-election.  The trough has been named with a non- English name so it remains hidden from scrutiny and was no doubt fully funded on the the taxpayer dime.

Only trouble is that yesterday this fledgling operation successfully cornered Labour-Lite yesterday into pledging support pre-election.  Try backing out of that down-track Mr Luxon.  I think not!

Again, the Nats prove they are not ready to govern with their unprincipled teal shades.  Just offering a change of hoarding colours with the same policies as those on the red team.

Sunday, September 03, 2023

Luxon confirms ticking Nats are wasted votes

Today the prime fence sitter delivers a Winston styled 'pledge card' for consumption by the sheeple in the vain hope of garnering votes.

Nothing in those pledges about fully and completely excising the divisive cancer of tribal co-governance via 3/5/10 waters.  Sure he's tested the waters with some earlier utterances about repealing the legislation.  That will be watered down as those that voted it in under the cover of urgency scream blue murder as their trough is drained.  All whilst the over-arching statement of intent remains.

And the yet to be felt RMA reforms remain whilst remaining firmly wedded to the scam that is climate change.

Legal types will be rubbing their hands in glee for many a decade.

Just eight wishy-washy platitudes most would be troughers use whilst chasing your vote. 

No, Labour-Lites latest offering will not sway this household as New Zealand remains a haven for mostly ex-POM imported jobsworths and the non-productive leeching off those who actually contribute.

Thursday, August 03, 2023

Goodbye fence sitting Labour-Lite

resolute refusal to rule out WWW (Working With Winston) risks making him look impotent if National’s only real path to power – Seymour – has made the move for him

move puts National’s king into check

A fence paling is firmly jabbed into the prime fence-sitter, one Mr C. Luxon.  His party on recent histories is given to having a bob each way looking continue managing Labour policies whilst not making any real change.

Winnie has as usual seen the openings and already lists the bare minimum of what needs to be done.  But as we've always seen with Winston he is never to be again trusted.  

A caveat, Mr. Seymour your party will get but one chance to be the agent for effective change, ultimately ridding this New Zealand of separatist apartheid bureaucracies along with reigning in criminal elements such as gangs and other grifters firmly slurping from the trough of victimhood.

Saturday, July 29, 2023

Political careers cease circling the drain

was "calm" but his "number one concern" was Allan's wellbeing

We went into action to make sure her wellbeing was first and foremost

What a load of tosh!  A blatant attempt continuing the cover-up this time with feigned empathy via a junior minister.

The only worry Hipkins upon receiving that late at night phone call would be 'How do I stop this?' as his career changed from circling to going down the drain.

You can apply all the whitewash you like Mr C. Hipkins for your final days in politics are being severely curtailed by the actions of others.

Just a few short weeks to go!

Friday, July 28, 2023

Selling her soul to eat humble pie

 It's a club we'd have to sell our soul to join

I guess when the Asian dragon from Peking visits the benign Pacific in the not so distant future with malicious intent Mahuta might be consuming humble pie.  A lot of it when she goes looking for strategic support.

We live in a world positively swimming in solar / nuclear radiation and to ignore that part of the physical world is real stone-age thinking.

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

“something systemic going on”

Today one recently green but now independent by her own hand MP opines:

“something systemic going on”

Damned right! 

From where I sit it certainly looks that way from the whining coming out of the beltway today.

It appears that every queer in the country has gravitated to swimming in the political trough.  And look to continue their overpaid soujorns on the taxpayer dime.

Now that's not very representative of real New Zealanders at large.   Maybe so in the mythical country of rtrower but certainly not in New Zealand.

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

Blood sports on the beltway

Oh, the hypocrisy!

Hipkins, speaking on RNZ this morning, said it wasn’t appropriate for Ake to be making such comments publicly

Willing to call that one out but not willing to address the elephant in the room.

For years we've been lectured about the evils of drink driving and its often tragic consequences.

A Cabinet Minister can drive hammered around Wellington after being on the turps, crashes a taxpayer owned car into some other suckers wagon (some say it may have been a revenge attack) absolutely wrecking both vehicles.  

No, not one of Labour's pollies has dared to mention driving under the influence.  Every other excuse so far to whitewash the event, no personal responsibility taken.  Just imagine if she had killed someone.

Panem et circenses.  I do love blood sports on the beltway.  More popcorn!

Saturday, July 22, 2023

Obviously wrong question!

If Winston is the answer, the question is obviously wrong.  Today he's talking up his options that he's up for working with Labour-Lite wets.

No is the only answer. Never ever to be again trusted.  He's had many chances over his 30 year career of stiffing the electorate in the voting hurdles but never delivering the promised goods.  By his deeds you shall know him.

In my opinion he will forever remembered as the enabler in 2017 of the most racist economy-wrecking government New Zealand has ever experienced.

But watch Luxon go grovelling when his world does not cross the finish line.

A new type of colonialism?

Spotted in this morning's quick perusal of the dross being fed to us as news fit for print.  You know, the MSM's continued attempted rehabilation of the murdering perp that slotted two of his workmates in cold blood.

I see the newest definition for colonialism is 'generational anger'.  The perp is being prepped by the hour as a victim, even with all those 59 priors on his extensive rap sheet.

Nothing on those others murdered yet, but the perp was such 'good' boy. Hell, they've even found a picture of him in white with the requisite piece of green plastic on show out the front.  

Has that dudge who gave him home detention resigned yet?  Probably not, but his retiring gong is hopefully being fast tracked for the next round of backscratchers awards.

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Having a lend # 876234

In the latest council missive local rag was delivered yesterday into my rural mailbox, a piece of newsprint funded via council advertorials usually copied straight off $tuffed and The Ferald.  

As always expected, the Far North District Council will not be reducing my rates any time soon.  

The feather bedding at the trough of culture continues apace with yet more diversity hires.

FNDC topping the bill with 48 new people to now have 391 staff

A 15% increase in staff along with the rates take increasing another 5% or more, this year cracking $100M.  And the recently elected Mayor is handsomesomely rewarded with an increase to $163K pa.

For what you may well ask?  Local roads are dire, slipping into the sea, creeks and waterways as the potholes breed exponentially and slips increase in size.  Zero low-cost maintenance on culverts and drains in recent times now bites hard.  All whilst ratepayers await the next minor rain event to see which local roads might slip out from under and are forever closed.

And speed lowering signs recently erected in 12-18" of clay in a waterlogged roadside drain fall over at the next minor wind event two days later.  Purportedly to slow traffic rather than repair the roads any time soon.

Maybe this?

NRC chairwoman Tui Shortland said her council’s 10.48 per cent rates increase averaged $45.95 annually, or less than a dollar a week. The rates increase would go towards areas including building Te Tiriti capability, two new Māori relationships staff, increased non-elected member payment to attract and retain hapū and iwi expertise

Or this in other recent news via another agency well versed in the arts of wasting taxpayers funds?

Kawakawa will be flushed with pride as the Northland town’s iconic Hundertwasser toilets have officially been recognised as a historical site.

The quirky loos are the only existing, standalone public toilets to be listed as a Category 1 historic place by Heritage NZ Pouhere Taonga.

All whilst State Highway 1 has been closed more than being open in the past 5 years.

But rest assured, the feelz of the new diversity hires will overshadow the need to repair the rural road lifelines to towns, shops and health providers anytime soon.  

You will pay!

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Labour has a bridge for sale

Hipkins says he has received the “message” provided by voters in a poll

So says Dear Leader as he hobnobs around Europe on the taxpayer dime.  Enjoying their summer whilst real New Zealanders continue to suffer in the depths of a wet cold winter.

It is an indication that New Zealanders don't feel like we've been focused on the issues that they want us to be focused on

So we will see immediate action on things like firing wayward, incompetent, bullying ministers?  

And stopping the apartheid coup in progress via co-governance with a dash of brownmail?  All emanating from some who have views that all their issues lie in perptual victimhood and colonisation.

Then maybe he could focus on some real issues like inflation, government spending, housing and repairing the pot-holed roads to being fit for purpose.

I thought not!  

No, however he does have many bridges for sale whilst he seeks your vote.

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

So much for a "benign strategic environment"

To those in the Antipodes, H1 infamously suggested a little less than a quarter of a century ago that the little islands at the bottom of the Pacific existed in a "benign strategic environment".

As her government continued to gut the defence capabilities of the Armed Forces in New Zealand via diversity, rainbows, unicorns and the wonderfulness of all things maori.  Particulary hit hard was the Air Force with its strike wing being excised.

This Labour government continued the slide into the abyss of not playing our part in regional defence matters whilst kowtowing to the dragon resident in the Pacific northwest.  Such that our partners in defence have abandoned us from long-held previous alliances as they transparently say the Asian tiger is not to be trusted at any level.  

"The future looks grim" is today's evaluation.  That same dragon is vying to be head honcho in regional strategic matters in the whole Pacific. Like many smaller countries in the region it is only a matter of time before New Zealand too sells its soul for the Yuan to the dragon.  Canada too is well on the way to dealing with the devil.

At least Australia Japan, the Phillipines and the Yanks continue to support old alliances along with regional defence.

Saturday, July 01, 2023

Been there, seen that movie.

More video has emerged of the Auckland Harbour Bridge clip-on lanes swaying as people walk on them

Poor snowflakes, a real life experience.  Been there, seen that for real in a car.  

More than a few decades ago, I had the misfortune to be heading southward across the same bridge on the outer clip-on three or four behind a high sided furniture truck that tried to lurch sideways off the bridge just short of the crest.  A half decent gust (normal for Jafaland weather, not a climate change induced extreme) from the south west caught the truck, knocked it flat and nearly succeeded in launching it over the guard rail.  About 170 feet to water below.  Note quite dead ants but so close.

The areas around those arches were well known to those who travelled the bridge daily as an area that produces serious vortexes and eddies.  In later times, crossing on a 90cc Suzuki daily taught one to be even more careful.

Needless to say as emergency services arrived some considerable time was spent stopped in the traffic observing the ever changing large gap between the clip-ons (steel deck on steel legs on rollers at piers - can move considerably) and the original concrete deck (solidly fixed to Northcote Point just at the start of the main arch works).  Being in a stopped vehicle induced a sea sickness like feeling during the solid but normal gusts.  For expansion and wind gusts, the clip-ons are separated and do move independently to the original four lanes.

Thursday, June 29, 2023

Catering to punitive urges

Today an infamous handwringer from the seedy halls of academia opines that we should not cater to our base urges.  Base urges like "lock 'em up forever".

Catering to punitive urges like:

The trouble is, even when an inmate serves their time, the fallout from that sentence is often lifelong. At best, a former inmate takes a short time to settle into a job, a home, and a community. At worst, they suffer lingering PTSD, societal discrimination, and more.

Lifelong fallout for the crim you say?  

And what about the victim enduring a lifetime sentence of wondering what the next emboldened crim might do to him or her?

I personally do not give a toss re what any perp may experience or not long-term.  It's a criminal who knowingly crossed societal boundaries and norms.

I say, cater to my base urges in favour of victims with enforced maximum term punishments.

Monday, June 26, 2023

Bootlicker arrives to sample Asian delights

The boy wonder from the Hutt has arrived in Asia to sample local delights courtesy of the ruling dictator.  Such as bootlicking and grovelling. 

Media from the place is particularly effusive, intimately knowing how their social credit systems works.

Hipkins had "diverged from Western hype" that Chinese leader Xi Jinping was a "dictator". 

"He showed a basic quality that a political leader should have - knowing how to respect other countries," the article said.

US President Joe Biden last week called Xi a "dictator", leading to swift condemnation from Beijing. A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Biden's comment was "extremely absurd and irresponsible".

When asked for his view, Hipkins said he didn't agree with Biden that Xi was a dictator and that "the form of government that China has is a matter for the Chinese people". 

A lesson in selling out New Zealand whilst on your knees for all to see.

All this after a dingo paper across the ditch let the well hidden proverbial cat out of the bag for all to see a few days ago, at least we now know why months ago her indoors departed 'all out of gas' as fast as she could get of Dodge.  

That would be about the same time the previous Foreign Minister took an 'epic haranguing' as she suggested to the same dictator how to run his shop.  Similarly like her previous boss she too has been in hiding from real Kiwis ever since.

Saturday, June 24, 2023

The latest "principles" with your "partnership"

Fresh online today:

people lunching on the lake edge were breaking tapu

I believe we start on a new path, that we start implementing the principles

In other words, if Hohepa Bloggs warrior is suspected to have met his demise in your locality, the descendants will ensure any property rights you think you currently enjoy will count for nothing. 

Mark my words, those "principles" are coming from the unelected to your freehold property soon via the "partnership".

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Can we make it a hat trick by Friday?

Only Wednesday, it is a long week so far in Labour:

Foon got fooned on Monday.  Took him a couple of weeks to realise the game was up.  Got there in the end but has doubled down since by stating he is in the market for another tenured sinecure.  Any trough will do.

Woods is on the bonfire today.  Resigned as a Minister, but still drawing a MP's salary.  How does that even work?  Terrible optics.  Meanwhile Mayor Brown again should be looking closely at the Juliet half of this duet.  Noting that her hand was too recently forced to make a declaration re the conflict of interest using the same share portfolio well hidden from prying public purview.

Can we please make it a hat trick by close of play on Friday?  

IMHO, there are any number of remaining Ministers in this corrupt government that would round the week out nicely.

After all the golden handshakes on offer must be substantial to assuage any guilt of those involved.

Saturday, June 17, 2023

Labour lies: Fail on the cover-up

Russell got a report back two weeks ago and had a meeting with Foon where he explained himself.

She'd been sitting on it, but says her preliminary view was his actions were serious enough to warrant removal. He beat her to it jumping before he was pushed.

But somewhat puzzlingly is that at the same time that the Prime Minister's Office was confirming he had resigned, Foon himself text Newshub saying he hadn't.

Newshub has now received a more fulsome statement from Foon saying he informed the Prime Minister he'd be resigning this Sunday. 

He told Newshub he strongly refutes that he didn't declare his conflict of interest. He said he told the Ministry of Justice and the Human Rights Commission before he took up his role.

The Human Rights Commission has given him a glowing review on the way out, with Chief Human Rights Commissioner Paul Hunt as a "man of the people"  who made an "unfortunate mistake". 

As was noticed early on when first released last night, the numpties at Labour HQ cannot even get their lies straight to spin to the masses.  Kiri Allan who remains at the centre of this and is apparently yet to be fully exposed had the audacity to do a Sgt Schultz in early commentary.

"an unfortunate mistake"?  More lies, more likely really annoyed that he got caught.  Others in this government, especially the lying core who really run the show behind the scenes should actually be in jail. 

It's always the cover up that ultimately leads to the downfall.

Friday, June 16, 2023

Friday 1700 is supposedly a not time for good news.

Well I never, another in the headlights.

Late on a Friday at the close of the working week another conflicted Labour stooge resigns.

No wonder he has been unusally noticeable by his absence of late in stirring the pot on pertinent matters.

The Labour puddle shrinks further as his recently announced 5 year reappointment is forthwith cancelled.

Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Cuddles Coster: Watching but doing zilch

 ”We’ll be monitoring and watching for any unlawful behaviour, and we’ll be prepared to take action"

I say bollocks to you taking any action as Joe and Jane Public cower in fear in their homes.

The evidence says otherwise on any action, the news is plastered with pictures of criminals on motorbikes doing burnouts whilst occupying the wrong side of public roads.

Were I to drive on the wrong side of the road with a sustained loss of traction, I'd expect to be promptly arrested.

But not the protected criminal classes.  Every single one of these ferals with a logo on their back has earnt that patch through violent criminal actions.

Yes, Cuddles Coster, you are at the core of these problems along with the soft on crime Labour government.

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Hipkins chasing votes - too late

"Unacceptable" says Chippie

Agreed 100%.  

Your party being soft on crime for these past six years is the only reason such criminals have flourished.  

No wonder the general populace does not feel safe in their schools, towns and homes when you keep catching and releasing criminals such as gang members onto the streets.

To appear concerned 16 weeks from the election is vote-chasing hyprocrisy of the highest order.  

In other words a timely distraction.  When is Mr Wood going to resign?

Sunday, June 11, 2023

What passes as news is truly vomit inducing

Selections of "news" from today: 

Apparently Britney is off the leash and is now doing meth.  That's a one way road kiddies.  Only a matter of time before she is real news.

Sainsbury has been losing weight.  Long overdue, but another has-been trying hard to be the news on a slow news day.

Young people are doing "bed rotting".  In other words, having a day off in the scratcher.

And a final news snippet guaranteed to make the bile rise, the recently hitched player of the pink oboe (apologies to Peter Cook) is home with his newly acquired husband from their overseas soujorn and is ready to breathlessly tell us about their honeymoon experience.  No doubt there are endless accompanying pictures.

Yes, what passes as news these days is truly vomit inducing.

Wednesday, June 07, 2023

Reverting to type

Some didn't get their way in Shelley Bay so this morning they torched the place.

In other news.

now eyeing up the land where category 2A is as a solution.
"This is my message to everyone out there - that 2A - we want it."


Others are declaring intent after being red-zoned from their oft-flooded properties.

You heard it here first.  

Bastion Point Mk II or South Jafaland Stonefields Mk 2.0 is coming to your place.

Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Mr Plod salivating over DNA collection

It is reported that Mr Plod is looking for a male of a certain age via DNA sampling now being acquired door-to-door in the Far North.

That will be fun.  A number of questions.  It would be fair to suggest that the alleged perp has no doubt already legged it to far off places, so how many remaining males of the designated age group will be willing to submit a sample?

I do wonder when some vociferous hand-wringing libertarian legal type will argue that such collection of data is illegal, it'll be in their 'rights'.  The $64K question is, like recently deemed illegal to retain photographs taken of up and coming criminal classes, can Mr Plod retain such samples long-term?

Maybe a fantastic opportunity to solve some older non-related crimes?

Mr Plod will be positively salivating at the thought of being able collect such data.  They will not be able to help themselves having acquired fresh data in the niche age group of older criminal classes from doing a trawl through current databases.

Monday, June 05, 2023

Gongs for Backscratchers Anon

One for the whore of Windsor.  Gods knows why, the snivelling grovellers.

One for the most divisive 'leader' of our country who couldn't even face the country to finish her term she is so much hated.  Obviously nominated to shut her up and move her on.  The full extent of the irreparable damage she has done to New Zealand is yet to be fully ascertained.  Even the Prime Fisherman / House Mover couldn't bring himself to formalise any association wth her.

As always expected, one for a long-term Labour luvvie in Christchurch.  Not bad for those in a not so distant government of whom she was one, cancelled such awards.  Hypocrite.

Gongs for all in the protected and special classes in a last ditch effort before a right-wing government is installed post-October election for the upcoming 'nine year long winter of neglect'.  Hopefully an even much longer period to prune the bureaucracy and correct some of the damage this government has done.

Of note the only gongs awarded to those in the military are to a few upper-echelon back scratchers.  Obviously actual NZDF workers at the coal face were not deserving of such awards being still too busy attending diversity and pride indoctrinations rather than real jobs of fighting wars.

Yes, it is Gongs for Backscratchers Anon.

Saturday, June 03, 2023

Solving crime: It was those pesky Russians!

Someone did a five-fingered heist (albeit using a HIAB) during the graveyard shift on a cannon along Jafaland's waterfront.  By all counts an ancient relic re-distributed long ago from a place called Sebastapol during the so-called "Russian scare".

Look over there!  A squirrel!  A pile of metal catches fires in East Auckland.  Initially reported as being East Jafaland as prevailing winds blew the smoke over the yuppie eastern suburbs.  And the PIJF funded media is ever desparate to portray South Auckland as being free of the criminal classes.  Unfortunately, no amount of geographic contortions will hide the fact this bone-yard is located in central South Jafaland in Favona.

Then the third "coincidence" in the news.  Some eagle-eyed reader spotted Vlad is looking to establish an outpost in the Chatham Islands when he gets evicted from his current home by the Ukranians.  So his Wagner deputies are obviously collecting suitable weaponry for when they invade the place.  I did wonder how the current genocidal colonisers of those isles will take to their terrority being overtaken by modern invaders to build their new dachas?

See, solving crime is easy!  It was those pesky Russkies all along.

Monday, May 29, 2023

And they wonder why they are hated?

Teachers give short notice for a union meeting Wednesday arvo in two days time leaving parents scrambling to re-organise childcare.

The government told them to wait last week, the offer must be real good.  Unionised no doubt further screwing the taxpayer for every last-ditch dollar in case the government changes.

The unionised are absolute scum further wrecking the country's already low productivity.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Time to pay for living high on the hog

So you enjoyed the endless low interest rates, fuel tax refunds, rebates on super expensive EVs for the smug and Wuhan-pox bribes via government borrowings in recent years?  How that debt looking now?

Now it is time to pay the piper for living high on the hog.

Whilst y'all enjoyed the seemingly endless summer of handouts some of us foresaw that such largesse could not last forever declining such handouts and will weather the coming winter better than others.

In other news, today the Reserve Bank again hiked the OCR just for you, the inflationary spenders.

Monday, May 15, 2023

Dreamin' with Luxon

 Luxon said he was confident he could win Kiwis over prior to the election

The numbers have always said otherwise for Chris from Marketing.

Saturday, May 13, 2023

Exposing scams

For the climate cultists out there amongst us spinning the scam:

The present policies of just forcing wind and solar into the market and hoping for a miracle have been memorably and correctly likened to “jumping out of an aeroplane without a parachute and hoping that the parachute will be invented, delivered and strapped on in mid air in time to save you before you hit the ground."

from here

Saturday, May 06, 2023

Face of the day

 No need for a picture.

The whore of Windsor gets her long awaited prize.

Friday, May 05, 2023

Putting the colonised in their place

Phil Goff, Minister of Wine and Cheese, UK has held a soiree overnight at NZ House, making the following comment.

no one in the room had experienced a coronation before

This predictably has upset a few supporters of the Huntly truck driver who took it upon themselves to insert themselves quite vocally into proceedings.  And Pakeha Phil delivered the line with his back facing the self-styled king from Huntly.  On top of that the supporters were even more miffed that fearless Phil forgot to include the mandatory pre-proceeding wailing.

Such is the life of those colonised almost 200 years ago by the world's greatest empire in far-off lands.

Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Nothing wrong with that!

“A group of murderous thugs; two young creeps; a halfwit with a gun, a false beard and a turban; a mindless lowlife; two vicious morons; two armed and violent mongrels; three stooges; three desperate and wild-eyed gutless goons; three vicious apes; two fat women and a man with a gun; this little thug; this little germ; lunatic scumbag with a steak knife” 

Describes the usual crop of scum I'd say.  Certainly not a reason to cancel the well loved Police Ten 7 that adeptly showed the criminal classes interacting with our finest in blue.

And in a similar vein, without more than a few pre-dawn door knockings, just how is the Immigration Minister going to arrest the reported 14,000 odd illegal aliens resident prior to deporting them forthwith from our fine country?

Waka-jumping stars in dancing masterclass

 Today whilst inside awaiting the cessation of the current atmospheric river, I was sufficiently bored to watch our illustrious leaders online.  Live.

I was not disappointed.  

Somehow after all the to-ing and fro-ing, the waka-jumper has defected from the Labour party to being an independent MP, being now free to assign her now proxy vote to any party of her choice.  And not upset the Parliamentary proportionality of MMP or trigger any of the waka-jumping law.

Winnie himself would be impressed!

A masterclass of the self-serving bludgers that infest our upper echelons dancing on pin heads circumventing the the waka-jumping laws of our Parliament.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Luxon confirms National's place on the fence [update]

Like Maureen Pugh a few weeks ago, another National MP has apparently swerved from the party lane.

And 'Te Reo' Luxon from Marketing, ever chasing non-votes from lefties, firmly places National back on the centre fence of the left lanes. 

One of these days I sincerely hope that someone in a right-leaning party, with principles not for sale, will uplift the baton and deal to the uppity rent-seeking race-baiting grifters that infest New Zealand chasing co-governance and apartheid via separatism.

On a side note, there must be an election soon as Winston was seen recently performing his triennial rendition of Lazarus.  How timely, being just post-Easter!  And his sidekick, 'Tugger' Jones has had a recent outing.

Another blog mirrors this post: Sonny's off to the gulag

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Co-governance via tribal control confirmed, it's business as usual

Chippy, our esteemed PM, has this morning renamed 3-waters to 10-waters or something similar.  

Supposedly to stop the vitriol re 3-waters stealing long paid for ratepayer assets and using them as centralised government  assets to borrow heavily against whilst contuing to stiff long suffering ratepayers for the repayments via increased taxes.

Meanwhile the most despised part of the exercise being co-governance arrangements by unelected tribal persons giving them 50% control and veto rights remains untouched.  At least the race-based partnership is now out in the open, showing that the Maori caucus pulls the strings.  Chippy has firmly staked Labour's re-election chances on that.  And we now see as confirmed that the imaginary ToW partnership with the unelected tribal cohort.

The Opposition's 'Te Reo' Luxon offers zero resistance to this tribal coup.  ACT is just as bad. 

Confirmed, business as usual in racially corrupt New Zealand.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Fire out of control in Far North? - Update 2

 Things must be going pear shaped in the Far North fire near Cape Reinga.  You wouldn't know that via the MSM, a cursory report yesterday.

This morning 3x choppers are headed from Jafaland, one went overhead a few minutes ago directly northward at low altitude.  The other two are still mid-Northland.  Also the FENZ brass must be out for an early morning jolly to the Far North - a plane is landing as we speak at Kaitaia airport as I write.

And as is usual for Flightradar, once north of the Mangamukas, low altitude planes in the area cannot been seen due to radar blind spots from Auckland Airport.

Update: Plane has landed, more choppers now northward.

Update 2: Airspace in upper Northland is busy - another 2x are airborne northward from the cultural backwater just off SH1 with crime-ridden deserted streets that is Whangarei.  Normally there would be about half a dozen planes all day in these parts transiting through the area so any increased air traffic is noticeable.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Luvvies art centre on life support via your rates

An art luvvies boondoggle that has cost umpteen millions sucks large in the trough on the ratepayers teat.

Barely open a year, it has had a ratepayers cash injection this week to stave off bankruptcy.  Bankruptcy this year, they'll be back next year for more.  How's your rates increases?

Culture in Whangarei, a backwater on SH1?  Piss off!

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Observation of the day: Far North - Kaikohe

Today I had to venture into Kaikohe for some business and in between, whilst killing time, managed a pleasant walk in the sun along the maindrag.  First time on foot in the town in a couple of years - Covid and all that - you'd catch something with all those gangs / ferals around doing Mr Plod's job in the early days with their illegal roadblocks.

The town is terminal.  Shuttered shops everywhere, businesses that are barely open look like they're one foot in the grave.  Most present poorly, at the minimum being in dire need of a coat of paint / waterblast / weeding.    Covid killed this town.  A couple of necessary gas stations, cafes and dairies seem to be doing OK and the resident council is still fleecing ratepayers with zero road maintenance in the area.

The growth business that is very noticeable are the multiple 'gyms' complete with their blacked out doors and windows with the odd noisy flash / showy motorcycle outside.  Complete with well kept suitably flash signage to maybe entice the local nephews off the couch.  However I'd suspect that little gym workout would actually occur except for 'training' in the errands of the day.

The other growth industry is in WINZ type of offshoots no doubt ever ready to dispense mine and your hard-earnt taxpayer dollar to the less well off.  Judging by the number of the hoardings on the main drag, ex NZ First MP "Tugger' Jones must have splashed a wad of the $3bn cash around these agencies a couple of years ago.  BTW, the Shane Jones Waipapa roundabout over Keri way works great, especially the western exit road.   Attempts at vote buying for his home turf failed for him, only to end up with a utterly useless and invisible Labour MP - the one independent Matt King is trying to displace this year - two shows.  

As I said, this town is terminal.  One day I might venture to the murder capital of the Far North on the northern slopes of the Mangamukas.  Haven't been there since a couple of weeks before the SH1 road closed over 18 months ago.  Like Kaikohe, I'd expect a similar outcome.  Their lifeline to the outside world is even worse, a tenuous link is still just open via SH10.  Dodged a bullet with rain from ex-tropical cyclone Gabrielle, but one decent rain event and everything will be permanently cutoff.

At least Kerikeri appears to be still open for business.

Friday, February 24, 2023

Poor? Work harder!


An MP tells the poor like it is. A work ethic that would gain my vote.

Meanwhile in our antipodean world, the noble savages in our realm have been wasting their time playing dressup with warpaint for entertainment through dance in the hallowed grounds of Helen's backyard.  I'd guess most are on the hard-earnt taxpayer dollar in some form or other.

A truancy officer could have rich pickings here.  And in the same vein as the UK MP, some of the 'working' poor at the same event upon investigation might need to work longer hours.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Labour-Lite drinking Kool-Aid by the gallon

National MP Maureen Pugh was "waiting for evidence" that humans caused climate change

That MP predictably has flip-flopped and is being re-educated as we read.

And the head-honcho, Chris from Marketing, as long suspected, has supped from the climate-change Kool-Aid pitcher.

More reasons to never ever vote for Labour-Lite.

Meanwhile in the real world,  New Zealanders get on with the clean up from some particularly nasty and tragic weather.  

Tropical cyclones dropping in are an overdue but expected annual weather event during December to April in New Zealand.  Not so in the fear-porn of climate-changed ravaged eh-oh-tea-rower.

Friday, February 17, 2023

How is the charge on your EV???

 Thank God for fossil fuels. 

I'd wager a few EV owners now rue the day they brought into that scam.  The smug must quickly disappear as their electric chariots fail to reliably climb for safety from the waterlogged deep night darkness of an unfolding catastrophe. 

It is nice to see that all my fossil fuelled engines are still functioning as required three days in without power.  And will continue whilst power is off, sometimes almost underwater.

So many caught out by a total lack of preparedness and layers of alternative for life without power.  No alternatives on hand like filled fuel containers, filled gas bottles, wood ready to go in the wood shed,  generators tested along with charged batteries for devices.

Many lessons might possibly be learnt, but will they be heeded?

Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Labour about to restart Dawn Raids?

New Zealand’s new Prime Minister has agreed to look at an overstayer petition that was launched by Pacific community leaders almost three years ago.

The petition calls for pathways to residency to be established for Pasifika overstayers under compassion grounds.

Doesn't the law say an overstayer? - deport them.  Similarly, aiding and abetting / harbouring an overstayer? - lock them up.

An easily decided binary decision if ever there was one.  Once again, as recently proven by that woman lieing  (or was it lying? - probably both) under the mat in the southern regions of Jafaland, I wouldn't hold my breath for this government to abide by the law as written for me but not thee.  

Bring on the Dawn Raids 2.0.

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

The last day of a tyrant

In my views and others, a tyrant by any measure.  

Some use the word 'Tyrant' liberally along other perfectly valid descriptions for 'That Woman'.

Apparently not so for National.  MP Brownlee has profusely grovelled in apologetic manner.  Stick a fork in the Natz, they're done.

Anyway, today is the last day of our tyrant.  

She hands her cards of failure into the Governor General, His Majesty's representative in the sovereign colony of  New Zealand.

Some might be further tempted to say 'Ding Dong...'.

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Paying the ferryman

 The listed Norwegian shipping company Havila has banned electric, hybrid and hydrogen cars from its ferries. After a risk analysis, it was concluded that the risk to the safety of the shipping fleet was too great. If a car catches fire, the fire can no longer be extinguished. [That’s why firefighters are starting to refuse to go near accident sites where electric cars are involved, or try to find a towing service that will tow them to the scrap-yard afterwards, and that scrap-yard owner is most likely going to refuse to accept that car in any case. They are unstable bombs on wheels.

How do you make the most money? Well, from the stupidity of the others, of course!

Everyone who didn’t pay attention in physics or forgot that our battery technology is over a hundred years old, with only minimal improvements, will soon have a lot of “joy” with their electric cars. Such a battery does not last more than five to seven years if you’re lucky, and it hasn’t burned out already in the meantime. Total loss in both cases. No sympathy for those self-righteous imbeciles who let themselves be burned again because they buy into each and every mainstream narrative that is been placed before them.

and from a comment

I can see home-owners insurance having a rider voiding the policy if an electric vehicle is garaged at the house. Just like my home-owner’s policy is void in the event of a nuclear explosion, even if accidental.

eBikes, only have 10-20 pounds of this highly spontaneous ignition chemical compounds…

and they want cars with 1,000-2,000 pounds of batteries in our houses/ garages….

from here 

Saturday, January 21, 2023

Your move Chris ...

What a difference a day makes.  

Apparently the heir presumptive boy, one Chris H, looking to fondle the poisoned cup recently ditched by Winston's mare as being to hot to handle might move the party toward the centre.  Away from ultra-woke co-governance and the coven of racists desiring looking to inflict their misguided tribalist sovereignty on New Zealand.

Hopefully such a move will cause the other Chris, the NINO leader of LabourLite to rethink his non-strategy of garnering votes. Continued fence sitting chasing votes in the centre will not get you elected as Chippy reclaims that area.

Your move Chris.  For God's sake get some real policy.

Thursday, January 19, 2023

Another PM of NZ bites the dust.

The polls in the kitchen are obviously warm.

After having wrecked New Zealand's economy, given the country to the tribalists another Prime Minister of New Zealand has bit the dust and thankfully is resigning.

Unfortunately there is something wrong with New Zealand society when most potential replacements to take the helm till October will be selected from a coven of queers and racists.  Anyone up for Queen Mahuta of the Aotearoan Republic?  It is the final solution in the co-governance and sovereignty.

Mind you, the ones on offer as the opposition are fence sitters mostly of a similar ilk, ever ready to sell their soul and principles for your vote.

How timely both major parties are in Napier this weekend - they might as well be at a singular conference for The Unity Party.

Good riddance!