Thursday, January 19, 2023

Another PM of NZ bites the dust.

The polls in the kitchen are obviously warm.

After having wrecked New Zealand's economy, given the country to the tribalists another Prime Minister of New Zealand has bit the dust and thankfully is resigning.

Unfortunately there is something wrong with New Zealand society when most potential replacements to take the helm till October will be selected from a coven of queers and racists.  Anyone up for Queen Mahuta of the Aotearoan Republic?  It is the final solution in the co-governance and sovereignty.

Mind you, the ones on offer as the opposition are fence sitters mostly of a similar ilk, ever ready to sell their soul and principles for your vote.

How timely both major parties are in Napier this weekend - they might as well be at a singular conference for The Unity Party.

Good riddance!

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