Sunday, August 31, 2014

Ready to throw a brick at the TV

Bleeding heart socialists on telly at present screaming child poverty and how I should give much more to support the entitled poor.

Never mentioning that they're given all manner of handouts, Working For Welfare, accommodation allowances and are generally nett tax consumers whilst not feeding their bloody rugrats before sending them to school.

Where's that bloody brick?


What do great cooks eat when they're home alone?

No wonder one of them blogs that they are 'hungry and frozen'.

WTF?  People eat this crap?  Where's the meat and two vege? 

Well, I deserve something nice

Not a slab of wildebeest in sight in any of those menus.  Absolutely zero protein for me in those offerings, except maybe for the last one that has a few prawns.  Mostly green weeds that need nuking with Roundup and other highly processed crap. 

No doubt more nutrition in the packaging.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Pride cometh before the fall...

Mr. Schmitz says that he set Chancellor Helmut Kohl's credit rating "to zero" after breaking into Germany's credit-rating database.

"Hacking was the greatest fun I ever had," he said. "Nothing is as interesting as being the spy that knows everything. I had the power to put a whole country offline

Krim DotCom confirmed the credit rating hack this arvo at the failed IMP campaign launch, whilst in a previous life he has admitted to the hacking.

IMHO, WhaleDump hacks, Mega, Dirty Politics sources are one and the same.  With  one criminal mastermind behind the lot. 

I'm very self-confident, and people who are very self-confident have a huge ego

One wonders when Mr Plod is going to take him task.
The sooner the better judging by his display of ego today.  Pride cometh before the fall and may it happen well before this dirty election next month.

Labour's GIMP gets their campaign message out to the media...

fresh from Te News tonight at 1800...

You puffed-up little s**t

You know you're all in the dumper by connection

... glove puppets of Cameron Slater and you can all piss off

IMP's media maven Ms Corkery melts down as she tells the media to have sex and travel.   As well as the whole country.  And these tossers want to lead us?

Kim is not giving interviews on WhaleDump today, he'd rather get the campaign message out there

The IMP's Krim DotCom will not be happy as once again sideshow theatrics are the story.

** Labour-GIMP is the newest acronym on the blogs today.
    An alternative is Limp Greens.

Friday, August 22, 2014

What are you waiting for? Get on with it!

Abolishing the Maori seats would rip the country apart and attract "hikois from hell", John Key said

Why not get on with it?  Long overdue, the sooner it happens real New Zealanders can then move on as one people away from stone-age Aotearoa into the modern world.   Forget the few activists that would stir the pot, just make it happen, they will not vote for you anyway.  New Zealand will be better for it.

Any politician showing real spine making this cause a priority will get massive votes. 

Meanwhile the country continues its rush headlong toward apartheid, rewriting history apologising to natives for being long ago on the losing side of a civil war, replete with copious bribes courtesy of the taxpayer.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

A resounding NO from guess who?

biggest teacher union has overwhelmingly rejected the Government's $359 million education policy

93 per cent of teachers and principals voted "no confidence" in the policy

Really?  As if there was any other expected outcome from union stiffs.

to start from scratch by genuinely consulting with the profession and parents about how to spend the $359 million

If Johnny Boy gets in again, just take the $400M away.  After all, they've just said they don't need it.

At least the bastards aren't running the country.  Yet.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Greenie logic101

We don't have any bottom lines ...

but we want senior Cabinet positions

Umm, how's that work?  A logic fail in my book.

want to be in a full coalition with Labour and have senior Cabinet positions

Yeah, like that will happen, but I suppose Cunners will offer the treehuggers anything they wish for and more on Sept 21st to establish a toehold. 

Only problem is they firstly have to give those Cabinet positions to the queer and union factions in the Labour Party.   I can well imagine their financial maestro, Mr Parker, will be well impressed having his grass cut, as both parties have spent the total tax take for the next decade and more on bribing their way to the Treasury benches.  And other dinosaurs of Labour (here's looking at Goff, Mallard and King) that have held on for decades to taste sweet victory will want their Cabinet seats guaranteed.

In this week of dirty politicking, the more worrying thing is what dirty deals are Labour and the greenies doing right now?

"I don't mind standing up against the Chinese bastards"

I don't mind standing up against the Chinese bastards

If anybody thinks we should have a national security and defence policy that ignores the threat of a Chinese communist invasion, you're delusional and got rocks in your head

China is controlled by "an aggressive, anti-democratic, totalitarian government. We need to double the size and capacity of our military right now.

Outspoken Australian tycoon Clive Palmer has labelled the Chinese Government "mongrels" who "shoot their own people" in a televised tirade

The billionaire politician, who was elected to Parliament last year as leader of the Palmer United Party also called the Chinese "bastards" who "want to take over this country"

Now there's a guy our resident xenophobe Winston First could take lessons from. 

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said she would tell the Chinese Embassy that "these views are not representative of the Australian Parliament and I don't believe representative of the Australian people."

As expected the minister is doing some grovelling, but I'd suspect Palmer's party will get a few more votes from fair dinkum Aussies.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Really? Sensitive wee petals are offended!

were appalled and horrified by such an ad played during a real-life account of alleged sexual assault, and said it reinforced a "rape culture" in the country

Bloody disgusting seeing a near naked woman pitching condoms in the middle of a harrowing tale ...

I would say a top marketing ploy.  The easily offended are not talking about the dramatised tale of woe but condoms.

Poor sensitive wee petals.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Real scary NZ political landscape

Just been over and did the much touted political quiz at TV1 a couple or three times to test the results. 

A predictable result of being diametrically opposite to the racists at Hone's shop and the watermelon tree hugging communist loons.  Well south of ACT, strongly of the view "What's mine should remain mine, not to be redistributed via envy taxes" and you can keep your nosy face out of my business.

But what is really scary, ACT is the only party well right of centre. (The Conservative Party is not shown for some reason).  The Nats having long ditched their principles think they are safe on the centre fence.  Labour has a long way to go from its unionised far left to return to the centre and win elections.

Have done a number of these type of surveys over the years with same result. 

Harden up, stand on your own two feet no matter what life throws at you and pay your own way.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Bubble of hot air has burst

Shares in the cloud accounting software company were down 6.28 per cent shortly after 1.30pm and trading at $20.15 each.

This is less than half the record price of $44.98 which Xero shares hit in March.

Nice one.  Another IT stock plummets earthward.  Nothing less than I'd expect of a company trying to soar above the poppy field.  IMHO built on clouds of hot air, appearing to be donkey deep in debt for years without making a profit.

I may be wrong, but the stock market has just clipped the wings of the would-be soaring eagle.

It's going to be a good day for Labour. Not!

Labour has plumbed new depths in our latest poll as the election takes an ugly turn after a day rocked by allegations of blackmail, dirty politics

Cunners will be in the news today at 22.5%.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Can't fault that sentiment

Any party that is prepared to form a coalition with the greens is not getting my vote 

Comment of the day.

Cunliffe has ruled out going into a coalition with Internet Mana

Meanwhile the would be saviour of bribe takers will not commit to saying how he intends to include IMP should his party cross the finish line with some numbers.  I suppose the necessary shady deal will be 'not a coalition', like Winston First or the Possum entertains, working outside of government but firmly clamped to the Treasury fundamental orifice.

Now that's out of the way, maybe the Supreme Court ruling will be upheld

The police commissioner has arrived at Te Rewarewa marae to apologise to the people of Tuhoe for armed raids on their community nearly seven years ago.

What an absolute waste of time.  Once again, the law of the land is proven not to apply to certain people.  We're still no closer to having proper laws to deal with domestic terrorists.

But since the Commissioner has been preoccupied apologising to the local terrorists for Mr Plod enforcing the law of the day, maybe he will now find time to apply his staff to the recent Supreme Court ruling on the Tuhoe body snatchers.

I'm not holding my breath over that matter.

WTF files: We'll be wiping their bums next

So, just to be clear: Yes, you do have to supply a form of heating in any house you want to charge rent for. And a three-pin power socket doesn't count, smarty bum. To clarify, it means a fireplace, heat pump or gas heater and a full gas bottle every week.

Now don't panic, you don't have to run over and light the fire every day for them and to be fair you don't even have to supply the firewood. But make no mistake, you do have responsibilities.

WTF?  Since when did providing heating fuel become the responsibility of a landlord?

Call me what you will, but I suppose next we'll be wiping their bums.  And providing the toilet paper.  Would you like me to provide electric blankets for all and daily turn down the duvet?  Sex and travel comes to mind!

Find and pay for your own heater.  If the house comes with alternatives like a fireplace or a fitted heat pump, in my book that's a bonus for the tenant, not something that I as a cruel cold-hearted capitalist landlord should be fuelling out of my pocket.  If you really want me to provide the fuel, just like me arranging your lawnmowing and gardening, you'll pay handsomely for it in extra rent.

The Residential Tenancies Act does not include heating, only means to collect and store water, as well complying with appropriate building, health and safety regs as highlighted below.
45 Landlord's responsibilities
(1) The landlord shall—
  • (a) provide the premises in a reasonable state of cleanliness; and
  • (b) provide and maintain the premises in a reasonable state of repair having regard to the age and character of the premises and the period during which the premises are likely to remain habitable and available for residential purposes; and
  • (c) comply with all requirements in respect of buildings, health, and safety under any enactment so far as they apply to the premises; and
  • (ca) if the premises do not have a reticulated water supply, provide adequate means for the collection and storage of water; and
  • (d) compensate the tenant for any reasonable expenses incurred by the tenant in repairing the premises where—
    • (i) the state of disrepair has arisen otherwise than as a result of a breach of the tenancy agreement by the tenant and is likely to cause injury to persons or property or is otherwise serious and urgent; and
    • (ii) the tenant has given the landlord notice of the state of disrepair or made a reasonable attempt to do so; and
  • (e) take all reasonable steps to ensure that none of the landlord's other tenants causes or permits any interference with the reasonable peace, comfort, or privacy of the tenant in the use of the premises.
(1A) Failure by the landlord to comply with any of paragraphs (a) to (ca) of subsection (1) is declared to be an unlawful act.
(2) The landlord shall not interfere with the supply of gas, electricity, water, telephone services, or other services to the premises, except where the interference is necessary to avoid danger to any person or to enable maintenance or repairs to be carried out.
(2A) A contravention by the landlord of subsection (2) is declared to be an unlawful act.
(3) The provisions of subsection (1) shall apply notwithstanding that the tenant has notice of the state of the premises at the time at which the tenancy agreement is entered into.
(4) Nothing in subsection (1) shall impose upon the landlord any obligation to repair any damage, or compensate the tenant for any want of repair, arising out of any breach by the tenant of any obligation imposed on tenants by section 40.
(5) In this section premises includes facilities.

 A powered 10 amp three pin plug socket will suffice in my book, the tenant can plug in any rated safe electric heater of their choice.  And pay to fuel it.  I might supply such a device, but this is purely optional on my part.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

"The customer is always right..."

S#!t Tradies NEVER Say from Tim Thatcher on Vimeo.


Selfie porn obscenity: Why do they do it?

Must have the New Zealand connection, however obscene, even in a tragic death.

Nothing but obscene selfie porn

Anything for a "Hey, look here! I'm a legend in my own lunchtime" milking that NZ connection.  And the MSM uses it to sell its useless hard copy.

RIP Mr Williams

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Labour's picture doesn't quite match the xenophobia

I wandered over to the Stranded and had a lurk at the leftie cesspit to see how the desperate are faring. Now need to disinfect myself.

 Anyway, desperately looking for traction on anything, they're high on their xenophobic horse about bits of farm dirt being flogged to Asians and use the Lochinver Station as their discussion point. Accompanied with a nice aerial picture of the supposed farm in question, shown below.

Lochinver Farm - Lochinver Farm Homestead

Very nice picture, gum tree lined creek wending its way through the background.  Haven't seen creeks like that when I've passed on SH5.  So typical of an Aussie farm I thought. Aussie farm you say?

Yep, in their haste to publish their xenophobic rant, the bloody drongos at the Stranded have used the aerial picture from a Lochinver Station farmstay in Oz.

Friday, August 08, 2014

Just an empty symbol

To most people, the name Telecom is about landlines

It will never be anything else irrespective of what moniker you give it.  NZPO / Telecom / Chorus / Spark / Skinny will not change the lousy service you delivered over the years.  And continue to deliver.

When you can get ADSL on copper or fibre past my door, only 6KM rural from a DSLAM, then I might believe your spin.  Till then I will never directly give Telecom-Chorus another cent.

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Scum landlord renting garage for $170 per week shows up unenforced bylaws

gave birth to a son by caesarean section ... returned to the shed that she has lived in since 2013

$170 a week shed the woman and her children were living in had a wall to partly separate a kitchen bench and an improvised play area from a bed and bassinet

outbuilding was "cold and damp and it's really hard to go to the toilet and do the washing and cooking. It's like, a long time camping for us already. I'm trying to manage things for my kids"

Maybe this is the type of building that wouldn't pass a rental WOF?    You know the extra layer of bureaucracy the left is desperate to add to the workload of real landlords.

But then I thought we had bylaws that prevented outbuildings being used as habitable buildings.  Just another example of unforceable bylaws that need to be struck off the books.

Most likely local council inspectors turning a blind eye to bylaws while the real scum rip off the poor.  Pity this scum landlord wasn't outed in the story.

Capital Gains Tax nag is finally flogged to death

Labour and the Green Party have conceded that a capital gains tax would not be a "panacea" for New Zealand's unaffordable housing crisis.

Well, I never thought I'd hear that from the thieving left.

The two parties seemed initially flummoxed when a questioner at an otherwise friendly election forum organised by the Public Health Association in Auckland this morning noted that having capital gains taxes had not stopped housing price booms in Australia, the US and Britain.

"I don't know why they haven't worked in those countries," said Green health spokesman Kevin Hague.

Labour proposed so many exemptions in its capital gains tax that it would be ineffective.

"Perhaps that's why it's been ineffective in other countries"

We already have an effective capital gains tax.  Ask any property investor or speculator that fails to declare such gains.

The leftie thieves have suddenly realised there is no pot of CGT gold lurking out there to tax the life out of.  Or votes in whipping that dead horse.

"You're f...... joking."

Another dud judge spouts forth and earns the wrath of the father of the murdered boy.

Justice Helen Winkelmann began her sentencing indicating she was going to discharge the boy without conviction.

Dudley's father Brent, who had earlier delivered an emotional victim impact statement​, erupted in disbelief, yelling from the back of the court: "You're  f...... joking."

"You've got to be joking, this guy beat my son to death," he yelled to the judge.

As he was led from the court he yelled "That's justice for you in New Zealand. The law's an ass."

Discharged?  Unbelievable, a bloody joke!

The boy pleaded guilty to assault with intent to injure

an "act of cowardice and brutality"

He was smaller than you and you attacked him from behind

the boy continued the assault even after Stephen was unconscious

"You are a coward and any thoughts of forgiveness are entirely out of the question."

he considered the boy to be "the hand of evil".

The law is indeed an ass, abetted by dud judges.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Another voter bribe offered

New Zealand First's announcement that Route K's $62 million debt could be wiped off the council's balance sheet if it forms part of the Government after the next election will no doubt have city councillors salivating

wants a coalition agreement to include the words: "The designation of Tauranga's Route K road as a fully state-funded state highway and the transfer of any associated council debt to Treasury."

Just another blatant bribe being offered.

INCIS MkIII coming right up

online voting has the potential to enhance the operation of local democracy and offer New Zealanders a more accessible and convenient option to cast their vote

it is essential for us to examine carefully the associated costs, practicalities and most importantly the security of online voting

Remember INCIS?  You're probably still paying for that.

Do you still feel the NOVAPain?  The gummint recently has become an IT expert in pay matters and program design.  I await where that path leads.

Did you know the taxpayer is about to design a new IRD computer system?  Time for a Tui.

And you expect NZ "IT experts" to re-invent the wheel with your vote.  Other jurisdictions overseas have already built and trialled such systems, surely we could tap that expertise?  Not only will it cost taxpayers dearly with huge overruns, it always has the potential to be illegally accessed or tracked.

I say get stuffed.  I do not even trust dealing with any gummint agencies with their single login.  Call me a Luddite or whatever, but I've been too long around computers to know that where there is stored data, it can be illegally traced, tracked, profiled or massaged to give the right result.

ht  KB

Nats third term looking good...

Act leader Jamie Whyte's been caught short once again - this time clueless about Whanau Ora

In an interview on Maori Television's Native Affairs programme last night, Dr Whyte was quizzed on a range of issues, including the role of the Race Relations Commissioner and the Treaty of Waitangi. When the Government's Whanau Ora programme was brought up, he revealed he had no idea what it was.

He's in good company.  Most know it's nothing but a bottomless pit of affirmative action to appease the current coalition racists in the Maori Party.   One without accountability and that needs excising at the earliest opportunity.

"Sorry, I'm showing my ignorance, I don't know what that is," he said.

Unfortunately for his potential senior coalition partner, the left will slay ACT on such matters.

Maybe it's time to have another cup of tea in Epsom and word the junior partner in about rocking the boat.  Or else there'll be no trough for anyone on the right.

Nats third term is looking good.  Not!

Monday, August 04, 2014

More electorate bribes to come

Labour still had a few tricks left up its sleeve with a series of policy announcements planned for the coming weeks

"We've got some surprises in store," Cunliffe said

As if the suite of bribes already offered isn't enough to cripple the economy, Cunners promises more for the faithfull.  Anything to buy votes with pledges that hopefully will never be delivered.

"I'm sure by election day people will enthusiastically be wanting a Labour-led government."

And I'm sure hoping that by election day people will be enthusiastically wanting anything but a Labour-led government

PSA Union scum not waiting for living wage rise

Twelve thousand health workers have voted to strike in what the PSA union says will be the sector's biggest industrial action in a decade

strike action was sparked after workers were offered a 0.7 per cent pay increase, the union said

Unionised scum looking to stir the pot pre-election.  0.7% too much in my book, not waiting for Cunners to give them a living wage.

The sooner unions are permanently culled the better New Zealand workplaces will be.  Mind you, I can see Cunners rating going negative before the election with his union puppeteers carrying on like this.

Friday, August 01, 2014

Darwin award nominee of the day?

A Chinese man has died after he blew up the hospital ward he was on when he decided to smoke a cigarette while undergoing treatment in a high-pressure oxygen chamber

The stupid was strong in this one from here.