Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Fire out of control in Far North? - Update 2

 Things must be going pear shaped in the Far North fire near Cape Reinga.  You wouldn't know that via the MSM, a cursory report yesterday.

This morning 3x choppers are headed from Jafaland, one went overhead a few minutes ago directly northward at low altitude.  The other two are still mid-Northland.  Also the FENZ brass must be out for an early morning jolly to the Far North - a plane is landing as we speak at Kaitaia airport as I write.

And as is usual for Flightradar, once north of the Mangamukas, low altitude planes in the area cannot been seen due to radar blind spots from Auckland Airport.

Update: Plane has landed, more choppers now northward.

Update 2: Airspace in upper Northland is busy - another 2x are airborne northward from the cultural backwater just off SH1 with crime-ridden deserted streets that is Whangarei.  Normally there would be about half a dozen planes all day in these parts transiting through the area so any increased air traffic is noticeable.

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