Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Nothing wrong with that!

“A group of murderous thugs; two young creeps; a halfwit with a gun, a false beard and a turban; a mindless lowlife; two vicious morons; two armed and violent mongrels; three stooges; three desperate and wild-eyed gutless goons; three vicious apes; two fat women and a man with a gun; this little thug; this little germ; lunatic scumbag with a steak knife” 

Describes the usual crop of scum I'd say.  Certainly not a reason to cancel the well loved Police Ten 7 that adeptly showed the criminal classes interacting with our finest in blue.

And in a similar vein, without more than a few pre-dawn door knockings, just how is the Immigration Minister going to arrest the reported 14,000 odd illegal aliens resident prior to deporting them forthwith from our fine country?

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