Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Doomed from the start?

Another premises opened with much fanfare, remains closed, being unfit for purpose. Some would say that the building was doomed as her indoors from Wellington was the invited guest. Probably even has an expensive plaque to forever remind patrons of her folly in attending.

The Chief Medical Orificer from the ministry, is citing research which shows
showing children suffer lung damage and respiratory problems, including asthma, from being housed within 500 metres of a busy road or motorway

Now, that is odd, as the usually vocal and forthright good people in LA use a yardstick fully one third of that distance are singing the same song. Seems their skool authorities ignore long known pollution effects, city bylaws, plain commonsense and continue to build teaching establishments right next door to freeways. Maybe the land is cheap?

Could it be a viral union sponsored email citing the same research?

While the CMO is pushing her barrow, she may be doing the clogged arteries of Jafaland a favour. Soon it will be illegal, not only to build skools or creches near a motorway, to even live or work near a polluted motorway.

All motorways will become 1000 metres wide, ending congestion issues and maybe the guvamint of the day had it right so many years ago when they so rightly acquired 35KM (or was it miles?) wide belts from the locals for roads under Public Works.

Apparently the fine particles of this insidious pollution are extremely hard to filter and no amount of filtering will stop the long term damage to our kids. (See detail in LA Times article). Why live in a city at all?

An oldie over here at NZ City, another scientific type has suggested that females are directly affected by this type of pollution with oestregen overload, causing PMT like symptoms with skewed emotions. Now that confirms for me what drives those power crazed females in our cities and govamint.

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