Tuesday, February 01, 2011

"Ongoing, slow decline, continuing deterioration..."

at dire risk of a Greek or Irish style financial crisis

A bunch of would be do-gooders releases their report of impending doom. Their recommendations for action? Look for more ways to tap into my wallet!
calling for "structural change" in the economy

If New Zealand fails to act credibly and effectively it increases the risk that many of the required adjustments will be imposed by market forces, probably in an abrupt and damaging way

Oh, the worry of it all. Structural change?
one of the key aspects of the group's work was around tax

a further increase in the GST to 17.5 per cent

Oh, now I get it. More tax. Yet more tax. And yet more tax. Along with compulsory saving. Tax by another name.
New Zealand is standing on the edge of a cliff that is fragile and is crumbling

We need to step back from the edge

Never, ever any mention of reducing the overall government spend. Or local government spend. Why not do what any sane real person controlling their budget would do? Slash costs. Now!

Just like Phil Gaffe's Liarbour, it is all take, take and take with these bastards.


mawm said...

The Greens want a capital gains tax, Auckland City want to re-develop Queens street again!

I agree with you ...when are the politicians going to STOP taking more and more of our money to spend on wasteful, vote-buying causes? Why is Key selling off state-owned enterprises before reducing his governments spending? Surely that is the biggest threat to this country.

Anonymous said...

Key only cares about re-election, not being morally right. He gives Helen a good run for her money in the 'Look At Me'stakes. What a poser. I really should have guessed.

PM of NZ said...

MAWM, Like yourself, I too wonder at delusional idea that selling the family silver will solve the problem. (not that I have anything thing against selling assets when needed) Puts day of reckoning till later, does not solve root cause. What will he sell next time round?

The root problem is expenditure. Stop spending and live within your means.

Sometimes I think it would be far easier to join the bludging bastards so prevalent in our society. Sell everything, piss it up all against the wall and take a few trips of a lifetime. Then go on the dole, claiming poverty. Unfortunately, I could not live with myself for considering voting Liarbour!

Anonymous said...

The only thing that will work is slash public service salaries. Anyone over 100K minus 20 percent. Sliding scale below that. 30 K no change. Expect a bunch to leave allowing for employment of younger cheaper drones.

PM of NZ said...

Anon, Good idea to weed out some of the timeservers killing time till they pick up the pension. What I believe is needed is performance related pay rates, not time served.