Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Liarbour stooge writing for Granny

I believe that he is misguided in blaming Len and he should instead aim his sights on Minister of Local Government Rodney Hide.

I am a member of the Waitakere Ranges Local Board and a lawyer. I was also previously a councillor on the Waitakere City Council.

These comments are my personal beliefs, do not represent the Auckland Council's formal position and are uninformed by the advice that the council itself has received.

Only half the truth being fed to Granny's readers. Try adding a long time director of traffic at that scurrilous Liarbour organ, the Standard. But then I'd expect nothing less, eh Micky Savage?


mawm said...


The Maori Party today continued to hound Local Government Minister Rodney Hide over his attitude to Auckland Council's Maori Statutory Board, asking in Parliament what he meant when he said yesterday it was "inherently divisive".

Mr Hide didn't back down, saying he recommended against it when the Cabinet discussed the legislation that set up the new council.

Rodney has been consistent in saying that he did not want racist seats on the Auckland Council. It is also quite obvious that Pita Sharples and the Maori Party wanted this.........and the National Party went with them.

Hide is quoted as saying:-"Cabinet decided instead to go with the Minister of Maori Affairs (Pita Sharples') option of a statutory board - and as I predicted this option has been inherently divisive as we've seen with Aucklanders' reaction over the past week."

Both Sharples and Turia have gone on the attack:-

Dr Sharples yesterday said Mr Hide should resign if he couldn't accept the situation,

And Turia, went into action.

"We are very clear that the reason why the council has had to spend exorbitant amounts of money is because Mr Hide didn't want to take the advice of the Royal Commission, he tried to prevent Maori from being elected onto the board through the Maori roll,"

"I think that really the biggest disappointment has been Rodney and his attitude towards Maori people,"

Who is governing this country?....the Nats or the minority and racist Maori Party?

PM of NZ said...

MAWM, the attacks have started because the minority racists can see their gravy train is about to hit the stops.

And those that have been newly installed at the trough are feeling the 'loving' from an electorate fast realising that Key and the MP have sold NZ down the river.

All this to end in 2014? Where's my Tui?


Well spotted PM of NZ.
It does make you wonder who was deceiving who?
Was Presland deceiving Granny or Granny deceiving us?
A quick google search of his name reveals Presland's background clearly for all to see.
If the Herald was not aware, it was most neglectful in not making a simple check.
The left and the media need to be put on notice.
There is a vast army of bloggers and readers out there who can instantly check the bona-fides of supposedly impartial/independent commentators.
They are entitled to have their say, but they must identify themselves honesty in the press.
I have said as much over at my place.

The Gantt Guy said...

I saw your headline and my first thought was "ho hum, a day ending in d-a-y". There are very few repeaters at the Herald who aren't Liarbore stooges. But to get MickySavage writing for them is a level of stoogery to which I didn't think even the Herald would stoop.

Is it changing its name to MSNBHerald?

And to not say outright that he *is* a Liarbore stooge proves, once again, that the MSM just-don't-get-it. They clearly don't understand that they can't these days present as fact, fiction from the distorted mind of the likes of Presland and not be called on it.

Excellent pick-up PM. Incidentally, some of the comments on the article have me wondering if I have been too pessimistic in believing New Zealand is a lost third-world banana democracy. Some people (likely a minority, to be sure) seem to "get it".

Unknown said...

So Fairfacts you allege this shows political bias on the part of the Herald but make no comment about the article by Paul Goldsmith a couple of days before. Isn't this evidence of equal and opposite bias?

Are you suggesting that Labour supporters' voices should be silenced but not the voices of National supporters?

And why don't you actually address the article itself and point out which aspect was wrong?

Did the NACT government actually give votes to unelected but appointed Maori representatives?

Was this intentional or a mistake?

Did the NACT government set rules so tight that the Auckland Council had no choice but to agree to fund the amount decided in the expert opinion?

Address the issues rather than try and denigrate the speaker.


Great to hear from you Mickey.
I had no idea Paul Goldsmith had a National party background.
The point is not about silencing voices, but making sure we know where those voices come from. It is about passing off partisan voices as supposedly independent.
As for the issues you raise, I am not happy with the performance of Nactional either.
The government appears to have blundered and I am torn between blaming Rodney Hide or Key for stitching him up. Lyen Brown is not blameless either.
My solution is for no maori committees or boards, no maori councillors, no Maori Party either.
Maori would have the same rights as anyone else, no more, no less.
One day, I look forward to New Zealand having a PM of Maori ancestry, and most likely he or she will probably come from the National party.
Just think, if Winston had played his cards better, it might have been him!!

KG said...

"Who is governing this country?....the Nats or the minority and racist Maori Party?"
Is this a trick question?

The Gantt Guy said...

"Maori would have the same rights as anyone else, no more, no less."

But you can't say that Fairfacts, that's racist!

And besides, their reading of the treaty guarantees them special privilege.


KG said...

The plain and simple fact is, any special treatment based on race is..well...racism. Any argument in favour of selective racism is inherently dishonest.