Thursday, March 27, 2014

Throwing stones into sticky mud

First up, a sensitive petal remains upset over name calling:

 Mr Craig is taking Mr Norman to court over comments he made in a speech at the Big Gay Out festival, in which he said the Conservatives leader believes "a woman's place is in the kitchen and a gay man's place is in the closet''

Can't argue with that statement, but whether Mr Craig holds that view may well be defamatory.

Guess there's a lot of sticks and stones yet to be tossed over that statement.

Meanwhile in other news, some mud slinging:

in the typical “end justified the means” thinking so prevalent from that side of the debate, they are willing to embrace Kim Dotcom – swastika ‘n all

Unfortunately, 'Dotcom the Nazi sympathiser' mud will stick.  Not something the new Internet Party might want to be associated with.

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