Monday, April 25, 2011

Lessening their pain

I'm not sure of the legalities around spamming but I'm sure...

Fresh on the heels of Phil Gaffe's 'I do not know who stuck the signs up, but no one will notice' illegal road signage, we have another group willing to break the law to get their message across. No doubt a recent product of insidious leftard indoctrination at school, being better than the law.
advocates spamming the group with texts and YouTube links to the Chinese National Anthem and songs such as I think I'm Turning Japanese

Yes, one day those today ardently concerned about about such pamphlets, willing to break the current law, might realise the actual horrors of war that the older generation endured so that they could enjoy their freedom today.
My grandfather died from war-related injuries when my dad was eight. It's sad to think that this intolerance still exists two generations on
There are those of that generation, along with their families, still alive today for whom rightly any form of fraternising with peoples from certain Asian or Germanic countries will be forever viewed with total disgust and never be condoned to their dying days. And that is why they will turn out in droves today, this day of remembrance.

War is an ugly business and it will take more than two generations to lessen their pain.

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Murray said...

Anyone mentioned to either of these parties of brains trusts that the Chinese were our allies in WWII?