Thursday, December 20, 2012

Farmers fence council thieves in

he dropped his lease on a strip amounting to about 5ha rather than pay for fencing, and he knows of other farmers who will do the same

That's the way to take the fight to the greenies that infest our councils.  You can stick your lease!

Cockies apparently have to meet an accord as a condition of supply, but dry stock farmers do not.

It would be disappointing if farmers refused to fence but if we don't get compliance we will withdraw those leases - it's as simple as that

The council as always thinks it has a legal out.  I can see that working when a farmer standing up for his current lease rights drags the council into court.

I would hope then, once the council has regained the lease at great expense to the ratepayers via the courts, ready for re-leasing to another farmer, that they will be providing a fully fenced block. 

Much like the rental WoF that the hypocritical greenies have been clamouring for against the filthy capitalist landlords like myself, eh?  

Who would have thought - council offering 'unfit for purpose' blocks of land for lease!   Isn't there a law against that?

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