Tuesday, February 03, 2015

The bureaucracy under LGNZ continues apace...

Yep, I'm still alive.  Glad you asked.

I'm in the rare position of a council owing me money (having been over charged for a recent building consent) on a work in progress.

In the normal world of Joe Public actioning an online bank transfer between banks in NZ to pay your bills you only need to enter the amount, the account number and sometimes the name of the account.

But in the rarified world of local government, keeping the bureaucracy alive and kicking in the Revenue Department of the same council, "a deposit slip or a copy of a bank statement" is also required before they'll action any credit note.

My bank account (operated totally online for years) does not have pre-printed deposit slips with my account name and account number.   And like I'm going to send any council a copy of a bank statement with transactions and current balances?  Yep, I'm real confident of their commitment to security and privacy of personal info!

In any event, where are all those deposit slips and bank statements are going to be stored for the next seven years to keep the IRD and auditors happy?  More bureaucrats will no doubt be required to look after them in a big warehouse somewhere.  One wonders what technical requirement drives such a request for supporting paper work?

I guess they've not seen the missive from Paula.

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