Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Far North councils ready to waste ratepayers hard earnt taxes

Far North District Council and Northland Regional Council are set to oppose the coalition Government’s signalled changes to Māori wards

The FNDC Mayor, not content with recent 35% rates increases, is going to try it on to retain wards for natives.  Wards that require a quantum to get selected and are not available to the general populace.

The regional council is likely to oppose signalled Local Electoral Act changes on the basis Māori constituencies were not raced-based selections but a “Te Tiriti/Treaty outcome appropriate to deliver equity”

The regional council is in la-la land trying to sell the 'not race-based selections'.  Most see the selections as racist. 

No doubt, like myself, more than few New Zealand ratepayers look forward to the upcoming binding polls to remove all race based wards in every council.

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