Saturday, October 04, 2014

Special rates from local government if you're a native trougher

With various councils around the bazaars usurping democracy by installing dozens of unelected troughers by virtue of their skin colour, some in the populace can now get special rates for their land.

future rates had been set at a level that allowed for the land's long-term productivity without being a burden

Nice one.  If your land is deemed to have poor productivity, this council will rate such land lower.  Only one catch - you've got to have unproductive land.  Oh and the right skin tone.

Mr Carter said he and council staff had negotiated that outcome by the legitimate use of council policies and the Local Government Rating Act 2002.

There are no losers in this situation, only winners, within the law and with co-operation from all parties involved.

No losers?  Bollocks!  I read that they've only fronted the current years rates, not arrears and now it appears you've established a race based precedent. I guess some rates are better than none, as is current on most native land.

As my rates are always a burden of governmental waste, I look forward to my totally unproductive acres being being zero rated by my local government tsars in the future.

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