Wednesday, October 15, 2014

WTF? Key's arrogance astounds.

New Zealanders are likely to get their first vote on a new national flag at the end of next year, Prime Minister John Key says

WTF?  Arrogant prick is buying a fight.  There's nothing wrong with the current flag.  You've really got to wonder why he wants to ditch it.  The alternatives on offer are nothing but sporting or separatist rags.  His fetish of changing the nation's flag is sickening.

I suppose with his endless pandering to the native vote, nek minit he'll be signing off the supposed treaty partnership in a written constitution.  The flag change is a prelude to the main event of handing the country back to the separatists.


Anonymous said...

he wants a legacy, and the flag change offers that. However, I think Kiwis will vote against it, and he should know that already.

So much for no arrogance from our third term govt eh. He was always arrogant...


Barry said...

Key seems proud to have no principles. He should keep his ugly grandstanding self away from our flag.

the conservative said...

The polls have all said no change, but the arrogant bastard keeps on forcing his agenda on everyone.....does this sound like someone we all know; someone with the initials HC?