Thursday, July 31, 2014

Well that's that then

The latest Roy Morgan survey puts Labour at 30 per cent, up 6.5 percentage points on the same poll two weeks ago. National was down 5 percentage points at 46 per cent, its lowest level in the poll since May

One rogue poll and we can say goodbye to wasted opportunity. 

A wasted opportunity you say?   Imagine where New Zealand might be today with minimal welfare and one law for all.  The Nats had it all, but blew it, failing to take an axe to socialism and welfare, borrowing heavily to pay its way.

A healthy lead in three elections but the Nats abandoned long held cherished principles for power at any cost.  All the previous socialist settings are still in place, they added a few of their own as they moved further left and now we will all pay as the multi-headed leftie hydra will take power this time around.

Kiwis deserve everything coming our way.  A full on dose of socialism with the greenie lunatics and racist parties out to the far left will do this country no good.  Get ready for increased rich prick envy taxes along with the massive deadweight of bloated bureaucracy.

Probably not, but maybe the country will learn that middle of the road politics are not the best offering.  The Nats might learn that there has to be a point of difference between the left and the right.  Increased taxes for more socialism and welfare is not the answer.

Personal responsibility is the only way.  I fear for future New Zealanders when most will be living on welfare endlessly taxing those that actually choose to work.

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