Monday, July 28, 2014

At last, a party that appears to stick to stated principles

Conservative Party leader Colin Craig says he'd prefer National incumbent Murray McCully to stand in East Coast Bays, and has taken a shot at the deals National does with the Act and United Future parties

he had never asked for a deal from National

"It would help on one level, in that we wouldn't have to work as hard. But it doesn't give us a sense of independence and being our own party. On balance I think it's better for us, than if National had done something for us."

Great, the new kid on the block appears to be prepared to stick to its stated ideals.  Not that I am saying I would cast my vote their way, but principle is good to see

We used to have a long established principled party on the right before the Nats ditched theirs in favour of popularity at the polls by knifing Mr Brash and started pandering to natives.


Anonymous said...

vote Dotcom. They are the most honest ones there.


PM of NZ said...

Vote for a convicted criminal? No way.

Mind you Anon, all those on offer have criminal intent on the contents of my wallet.