Friday, November 12, 2021

FNDC wallah with too much to spin to actually do anything like work

 Ongoing problem notified in March, zero action from council wallahs.  Problem has existed for years but obvious nobody from the council did a proper safety inspection.

got a nasty gash from this submerged broken wharf piling yesterday. Please warn anyone who isn't a local that you see going for a swim there.
I reported this to FNDC back in March and made a request for service to have this removed as it is a hazard, I was given RFS number, RFS-4052498

Someone last week dived in and injured themselves on the jagged post below the water.

Some action at last...

Thank you ... for alerting us to this hazard. We have now attached a warning sign to the broken pile and will provide a permanent fix before Christmas. Our apologies to the Kohukohu community for not acting on this issue when it was first raised in March. Our staff will meet next week to ensure that safety issues like this one are dealt with promptly in future and that communities are kept informed. Ngā mihi Ken Lewis FNDC Communications Team

The council wallah / spin merchant is seen to action the issue from his desk and shelve the fix for the future.  Fully woke, further wasting ratepayer resources, travel and time  for someone to get a boat out to affix the sign without doing any actual repair of safety item work.  No wonder rates are through the roof.

Unbelievable!  Someone in the real commercial world with elf'n'safety Worksafe maggots lurking ever ready to cripple his business would immediately hire a diver, an air-compressor driven saw and fix the issue by close of play today.

What's the betting the second (also reported) jagged pile gets missed on the works order?

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