Monday, November 29, 2021

Roosting chooks

 A man has been shot dead by police and four officers are in hospital following two serious West Auckland incidents in the space of just 11 hours

A typical West Auckland day.  Some nutter 'with no gang connections' commits suicide by cop after shooting a few coppers. After the all out Westie turf war underway of late.

Bollocks from her indoors and others.

Ardern said she did not believe police had lost control of law and order in Auckland

From Commissioner Plod of Woke who continues to pander to gangs.

When I heard multiple officers had been shot my heart sank, a tragedy
From the waste of space that purports to be the Minister of Plod.  Making a lot of phone calls of late.

I try to call every officer who gets seriously injured on duty. These are not calls I want to have to make

From a National MP who correctly reads the room.

Frontline Police are being put under significant danger under this soft-on-crime Labour Govt

The Govt needs to stop pandering to gangs and criminals, and start taking law and order seriously

And another Nat MP.  Has actually been a plod.

Policing under the leadership of Minister Poto Williams and Police Commissioner Andy Coster is becoming more and more dangerous. Step up and lead.

The PM, Ministers of Justice, Police, judges and the Commissioner of Woke need to be put on notice that the bulk of the team of 5 million have had enough of gang scum and their criminal ilk.  A few career crims complaining that they are picked upon does not wash - stop committing crime.  Sentencing needs to be long, non-parole three strike for gang related crime.

Chooks coming home to roost, reaping what has been sown.

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