Sunday, November 28, 2021

Only one question for her indoors...

 The overseas jaunt ends today for the Maori princess.  Representing EhOhTeaARower overseas by her claims.  It is off to managed isolation for her and the oversized entourage.  Nothing but a pre-Christmas shopping trip for all concerned and a total embarrassment on the world stage in my book.

Seems that in spite of our non-nuke stance and our toy military hardware we still have a reasonable alliance with the Yanks.  Even some poor US sailors got to visit Wellytown this weekend.  (A port to be avoided at all costs like NZ and AU ships having to show the flag once every five years in Port Moresby)

Our two countries enjoy a deep, long-lasting friendship

Meanwhile our previous Cold War adversary continues to probe border weaknesses around the Ukraine and in Belarus.  Troops are being amassed adjacent and will only require a spark.  Mr Putin has long held strategic designs on the Ukraine, Belarus is a distraction for NATO.

At kick off whilst the west is fully distracted on those western Europe borders, our other supposed newest BFF in the east will unleash unholy war on the Republic of Taiwan, splitting the US forces.

Only one question...

Which side will you take Jacinda?  Think carefully, the recent close to home Solomons unrest shows how far reaching into the Pacific are the tentacles of Peking.

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