Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Wonder how that works?

 The really tricky virus did its best to infect Northland yesterday.

The full cycle spin on telly last night was to cover the fact that her indoors did not supposedly enter the poxed area north of the Hokianga Line.

And yet the two current MP's of Northland *, Willow-Jean Prime and Kelvin Davis managed to sally forth into the infected area of Ihumatao Mk II on the Taipa waterfront.  

Her indoors did a photo op standing around like the proverbial spare part in a puddle filled carpark at Taheke (they've taken great effort to hide that), then fronted at Rawene Hospital with the useless MPs in tow.  Soon after she vacated late afternoon to Wellytown on a Super Beech King Air.

Did her two MPs (now possibly infected?) also return southward on the same flight?  No doubt the Taipa virus wandered in with them into the hospital. Wonder how that works?

* there's something about Northland MPs being useless, their recent predecessors Winston and Shane Jones were particularly noted for their dubious practices.  Often alleged but not proven.  And of Matt King or Hone Harawira, say no more.

Speaking of Hone, his vigilantes weren't at the Koke end of the ferry terminal when I last looked this morning.

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