Tuesday, December 30, 2008

All at sea

Here in NZ we have just witnessed another total waste of SAR services. Some suggest it was a lucky outcome in the aptly named 'Wait N Sea'. I have other thoughts on that aspect.

A couple of adults and teenagers in a possibly $60K runabout could not afford a compass or alternatively a GPS unit. And did not take note of long forecast dire weather.

Bet the cellphone used to send the near useless texts cost more than one of those units.
The rescue highlighted the importance of boaties carrying reliable communications equipment, such as marine VHF radios, emergency beacons and flares.

And as for the Air Farce Orion crew, I bet they won't be winning the Fincastle Trophy anytime soon.

What an absolute waste of resource. A self induced disaster waiting for a time and place.

These pricks should be billed for the full cost. Confiscating and selling the boat might be a start to recouping costs. What's the going hourly rate for an Orion?


Oswald suggests a similar outcome.

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