Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Gotcha MeMe

Obviously a work in progress at Gotcha. One that I have gone right off reading in recent days.

Two of the best Kiwi blogs, Whale and Cactus, have descended in the Spondre sewer of meme at Gotcha. A move I feel will lose readers.

Trying to mimic Public Address, another blog that is extremely hard to read, Gotcha is the latest incarnation. Both blogs had high profile individual brands, now are subsumed in a single brand along with other nobodies.

When I hit a blog, I want to skim read the whole article in one hit, bugger the 'continue reading this' lark. All the current Gotcha format does is waste my time, bandwidth and datacap reloading pages. Not all readers have the luxury of super duper broadband. Some of us are on just slightly better than dialup.

As for the ads on various blogs, just another bandwidth killer. I personally use the same machine to do most of my lurking, so it is usually relatively easy to block newspaper and blog site ads via the hosts file. Have been known to block ads on other machines I regularly use, just by updating the hosts file from a memory stick. Pop-ups - never allow them for normal browsing. Waste of time having ads - I am never going to read them, let alone click on them.

Guess I will never make that rarified league of the upper echelons of NZ blogging, so I will keep doing my thing and have a bitch at the leaders now and then. BTW, as various blogs go dark (tm The Inquiring Mind), I do hope my blog will move up the lists a couple of notches.

As you know, blogging is all about meme.

Cheers, have a nice one!

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Anonymous said...

Have to admit I agree with you. What were they thinking? I find the format frustrating and won't read anything Spondre posts as he just offends me. Oh well Whale and Cactus off the reading list it may reduce the data usage.