Tuesday, October 04, 2011

National to give East Cape away for native vote

iwi wanted to self-govern the area stretching from Opotiki to Putere on the Wairoa side, and the edge of Taupo and Rotorua on the other side

iwi could sign a settlement including self-government of Te Urewera National Park and Lake Waikaremoana as early as next year

National abandons all pretense of having any principles. The party used to have principles, but now fraudulently readies itself to secede East Cape (about 20% of North Island) for native votes. Another 'full and final settlement' coming right up.
iwi had already proven it could self-govern

That would have been their up and coming police force on a weapons training camp when the real New Zealand Police arrested those terrorists a few years ago? A very necessary part of the training for self-government!

National is nothing but a vote chasing fraud.


Anonymous said...

National cannot allow this type of settlement to go forward. It is applying an injustice to the population of NZ as a whole, as it will be the precedent to a series of Separate regional states, In DIRECT CONTRAVENTION OF THE TREATY OF WAITANGI. The Tuhoe whould be told to go screw a goat, and then called on their bluff to stage an uprising. There will be a few thousand volunteers only too willing to put an ounce of 3 into the likes of Small boy and his cohorts.
Cowardly Murdering bastards had their land taken off them after they were beaten in a series of battles started by Tuhoe to start with. They were the buggers who raided into East Coast and Central plateau tribal areas, and only attacked pa which were defenseless because the Menfolk were off helping the Govt of the day in other places.
If a settlement has to be made, then make it a cash one, and deduct the past 100 years of previous Whiteman largesse thrown their way

Redbaiter said...

Quisling Key, the upmarket pokey player who smarmed his way to PM, and perceives of himself as a "celebrity".

If he was fired as PM, and the job given to Madonna, would we be any worse off?

Anonymous said...

I wager "self-government" won't add up to self-sufficient. This is a ridiculous and dishonest idea.


KG said...

What Anonymous said.

Andrei said...

Well it worked out well for Yugoslavia so why not here?