Thursday, October 28, 2021

Indeed, Mr Plod apparently does have cojones

It's been 30 hours plus of repelling natives at the southern borders of Jafaland.  I'm amazed that the woke Mr Coster hasn't caved into the demands and let them join their bros at the super-spreader event at Waitangi.

this afternoon two people were arrested after they were caught attempting to cross the border at Mercer on foot

Those who refuse to leave the area this afternoon will likely be arrested for trespass

It appears that contrary to long held opinions, maybe Mr Plod does have cojones.  Unfortunately a dudge will probably utilise a wet bus ticket when sentencing these domestic terrorists.

Now one might hope that Mr. Plod would uphold New Zealand's private property rights and evict/arrest similarly squatting natives from Ihumatao, the Ahipara tree property and most recently at Taipa.  

The Taipa squat is Ihumatao Mk II in the making.  Her indoors is not fronting (she's already made a total pig's ear of Ihumatao), but 2 or 3 i/c Kelvin Davis will be along next week to offer more taxpayer relief to the colonised unemployed cohort.

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