Friday, October 29, 2021

Labour wants to purge gobbledygook?

 Seems this government has a new found desire for openness and transparency. *

gobbledygook: unnecessarily complicated language used to describe a simple idea. 

Appropriately, this phenomenon has lots of names - bureaucratese, corporate-speak - and it is ubiquitous.

It’s often found in the most irritating places: public documents, contracts, and coming from the mouths of politicians and elected officials.

But a new Member's Bill, drawn from the biscuit tin last month, is looking to clamp down on techno-babbling.

Should this bill ever make the statutes I've got a few starter suggestions for removal of gobbledygook.

the treaty "principles" - a waffly piece of legalese

the treaty is a "partnership" - now there's something that most recognise as total BS.

I'm sure there's another million more items that are contenders for such a listing.

* I'd normally reserve a /sarc tag for that statement based on Labour's performance these past few years.

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