Saturday, February 05, 2011

"Is New Zealand a better country for that relationship?" [updated]

Key muses that his continued dalliances with the racist would-be separatists has indeed been good for us. Whilst listening to one of John Hatfield's nephews making poisonous utterances in a small sideshow via a megaphone.

Tomorrow is already building to be the typical New Zealand day of shame. S
upposedly a day of celebration for a few, but always one of embarassing cultural cringe as the government of the day sells their soul for votes whilst being held to ransom.

No doubt real New Zealanders will tell him what they think of that relationship come November at the ballot box.


Simon T comment over at Not PC nails it
Unfortunately logical arguments don't really have much impact on angry beneficiaries who believe Maori settled here 3000 years ago.

Instead of being intimidated by the prospect of an unwashed army of protesters, politicians need the guts to scrap the treaty and respond to the fallout with as much tear gas and rubber bullets as necessary.

ps very good explanation by Not PC also


Redbaiter said...

The trouble is that weak craven politicians like John Key and others in the National and Labour parties have historically encouraged these perceptions to grow among the so called Maori without barely a word of dissent. Anyone who has spoken out with truth has been silenced as a "racist." So we have watched as the separatist scum have constantly derided and insulted our ancestors and our silence has only encouraged them to even more outrageous behaviour. While others have been so cowed as to engage in the same lies as these so called Maori and join them is smearing the settlers, their own forefathers who built this country, as thieves and cheats.

I reject the concept of "Stolen land". I say it is just a propaganda lie. Furthermore, even if compensation was ever truly due, the huge amounts involved have been completely unjustified. The whole scenario is a complete country splitting farce that can only ever end badly. And we brought it upon ourselves by electing vacuous clowns like John Key and Doug Graham as our representatives.

The National Party does not represent my interests but they would if they were true to their stated principles. We badly need to clean that party out bring some politicians into parliament who are not just weak cowards pandering to the stunted perceptions of those politically limp urban liberals who watch TV One every night and think they're getting news.

KG said...

Here's an idea:
Let's pay maori all the compensation that's due to them--after deducting the cost of the gifts of peace and prosperity, free medical care, subsidised or free housing, roads, schools, electricity, cheap warm clothing, heating, refrigeration, education welfare payments and the costs of policing their primitive behaviour.
The cost of autopsies on murdered maori kids alone would eat up a large chunk of that compensation.

Anonymous said...

Rant, rant, rant. Get off your soapboxes and actually go and protest for real! If they can, you can. Hopeless. You'll never change anthing via the murky internet! Might make you feel better, but changes nothing. Where is the courage of your convictions to get off your butts and make Sleeping Dogs come to life? Even George Orwell created a hero who totally challenged the system.