Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Granny Test

We apply what we call the Granny test:

Would you be happy for your family member to receive this standard of care, and if not, what do we need to do differently?

Hospitals looking to cut (they say slash) waiting times in A&E to 6 hours max. I know the answer to that question.

What other service industry do you know that your customer would hang around awaiting your attention to their business for six bloody hours?

How about an immediate response for Granny?


Ayrdale said...

My sympathy is with A&E staff. Bludgers who attend A&E with runny noses and coughs delay treatment for the seriously ill...similarly weekenders with minor sporting injuries. The options are GP's for non-emergency medical conditions, and private Accident clinics for bone headed sportsmen...

PM of NZ said...


A&E staff are unfortunately the meat in the sandwich. It may be staffing and underfunding. Although I suspect underfunding is not the issue, just where the dollars are directed in health.

The 'free' public health offered to all and sundry attracts such bludgers and boneheads. I have no issue with that.

Possibly as you may be alluding to, I firmly believe that sporting boneheads should be funded for private via subs from their sporting code. Certainly not via ACC and my taxes. Professional boneheads on ACC - never!

The problems lie with the obvious zero service response post arrival at A&E for whatever reason.

Maybe we do need a turnstile at A&E to show boneheads where to go over the road and enough duty GPs installed adjacent to cover the bludgers.