Monday, November 10, 2008

Talking turkey

I suspect that John will cobble a deal for supply and confidence with both the Maori Party and Act. Lindsay has a similar view and fears there will not be a formal deal.

That way he gets to keep all his options open, removes the hard right ethos of Act and neutralises Maori issues. It also gives him choices which would not be available in a single party coalition should one of those two parties go AWOL on him. Keeps both potential partners at arm's length and allows him to steer centre-right.

It is also far better to have the Maori Party onside. That will have a nullifying effect on the separatist activist element which is still rampant. That crowd will go feral if they are not somewhere near the table. He will have enough issues with unions suddenly cutoff without the separatists actively pissing on the tent.

After nailing their colours to their mast, the tree huggers can only blame themselves for not being at the table. When they revert to supporting the environment, not communism, people might be willing to include them. Until then, watch in awe as the new team rapes and pillages the environment. Just kidding, don't suck on too many lemons.

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